Meet the Company Commander

1/C Nicolas Fernandez-Cote hails from Newton, Massachusetts. He is in his fourth year of studies in the "International Maritime Business" program at the Academy. Mr. Fernandez-Cote is a US Army Officer Candidate. 


Meet the Company Executive Officer

1/C Nicholas Mirabile is from Bedford, New Hampshire. He is in his final year of study in the "Emergency Management" program at the Academy. Mr. Mirabile is a US Marine Corps Officer Candidate. 


7th Company Leadership Team 

Senior Staff  


Junior Staff 

Botsolis,J           Caufield,H              Collins,K        Chaves,N           Derderian,D          Duduch,K 

Field,O               Guthrie,J               Goldman,B      Gallagher,D        Garner,K               Murphy,J

Mahoney,D         Naworski,N           Senna,M          Tenore,R            Welch,E                 Watts,B