Accounts & Passwords

Portal Guard - Your Main MMA Account 

Once you set up your PortalGuard (Maritime Account), you can access your other accounts.  You can manage your username and password to various academy accounts.  The systems currently managed through Portal Guard are:

 Please enroll in this service to begin managing the accounts already linked to Portal Guard:

  1. Go to PortalGuard at
  2. Enter your account name and password. If you are a student this will be first.lastname. (eg John Doe as a student is john.doe). If you are a faculty or staff member, this will be firstinitial+lastname (eg John Doe as a staff member would be jdoe).
  3. If this is the first time logging in (i.e. incoming freshman), enter your default password, this is your first letter of your first name in capital, then the rest of your first name + underscore + your seven digit ID number (eg John Doe 1234567 would be John_1234567).
  4. If this is your first time logging in, you will be prompted to reset your password. This new password will need:
    • to consist of at least 8 characters
    • have at least 3 of the following: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, digits, or special characters (~!@#$%^&**(){}?)
    • it cannot contain your first or last name
  5. Complete the enrollment process, this consists of:
    • Answering 3 of 15 challenge questions.
    • Entering your mobile phone number and receiving a One Time Password (OTP).
    • Entering an email address to receive an OTP. If this is your first time logging in and you have not logged into your maritime email, please use a personal (non maritime) email address to receive your OTP.

After you are enrolled your password will need to be reset every 180 days to protect your account.

Launch Portal Guard


The Academy uses Gmail via Google Apps for Education for email accounts. You are given unlimited memory through this service for Google Drive and other apps. 

If you are a student, your email address will be Your password is linked with Portal Guard. If you have not yet enrolled in Portal Guard, please do so at

If you are an MMA faculty or staff member, your email address will be your first initial + your last name + Your password is linked with Portal Guard. If you have not yet enrolled in Portal Guard, please do so at

The Mass Maritime Academy IT Department does not support external programs for retrieving email (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail). Please refer to Google Help Docs for support

Go to Gmail

Self Service

Self-Service is MMA's interface used for Advising, Financial Aid, and Undergraduate Course Registration. Explore the pages listed below to learn how to use Self-Service. 


As a student, Webadvisor allows you to view/pay your bills and add an authorized user to view/pay bills. 

Incoming Students
To login initially, go to Webadvisor. Then choose "I'm new to WebAdvisor" at the bottom right corner of the page and follow the prompts. 

Log In
Your username and password are the same as Portalguard. 

Screen with New to Webadvisor Circled

As a Faculty member, Webadvisor allows you to enter tap sheets.

Launch Webadvisor


Faculty are encouraged to use Blackboard to post assignments, documents, grades, discussion forums, and other online classroom materials to help facilitate their courses.  

Your Blackboard username and password are the same as Portalguard. 

If you need to be added or removed from a blackboard course, please submit a helpdesk ticket with the course/section ID of the class. 

Access Blackboard

Emergency Notifications (RAVE)

The Massachusetts Maritime Academy has an Emergency Notification System that will alert the MMA Community of any emergencies on campus via cell/text, e-mail, work and/or home phone, pager. Login with your Portal Guard credentials to create your account and choose what device(s) in which you'd like to be notified in an emergency or campus closure. 

Access Rave Emergency Notification