Assessment Committee

To support assessment of course, department, and institution-level student learning outcomes, MMA instituted the Campus- Wide Assessment Committee in September 2012.  The committee is strictly advisory in nature and all recommendations from the committee to the administration will be considered as part of the decision-making process.

The mission of the committee is to:

  • Monitor all assessment initiatives to ensure that the assessment cycle, collection of data, analysis of data, and implementation of corrective measures are applied to assessment practices;
  • Review and approve new assessment concepts;
  • Submit a report annually to the administration on progress of the campus wide assessment program;
  • Investigate possible assessment alternatives. 

The duties of the committee are to:

  • Identify assessment needs of the Academy as they relates to student learning outcomes and goals;
  • Provide guidance in identifying departmental learning outcomes and goals linked to the Academy’s goals and mission;
  • Examine and critique the assessment plans developed and implemented by each academic department, and provide feedback and guidance as needed;
  • Coordinate with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to interpret the results of data collected on students learning, and to share these results with each department;
  • Assist in devising strategies, as needed, for using assessment results to improve student learning;
  • Recommend the best assessment practices to suit the Academy’s needs;
  • Submit an annual report to the administration on assessment activities and results;
  • Provide options for the administration to consider with regard to training for interested faculty and staff in appropriate direct measures of learning outcomes.

Committee composition:

  • One full-time Tenured/Tenure-track faculty from each major;
  • One full-time Tenured/Tenure-track faculty from each General Education Department of less than 12 members;
  • Two full-time Tenured/Tenure-track faculty from each General Education Department of 12 or more members;
  • One administrator representing DGCE;
  • One administrator representing the library;
  • Two administrators representing student affairs;
  • One senior administrator representing academic affairs.

Members will be appointed on either two or three year basis.

The committee will not infringe upon the Academic Freedom of any faculty member.  The committee will not, in any way, seek to evaluate any faculty member’s performance and will not have the power to impose any mandatory assessment plans.