Mikayla Correia in Uniform

Mikayla Correia ‘18

Major: International Maritime Business
Hometown: Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Position: Regimental Commander

How has regiment helped you evolve? 
Leadership has taught me that I can accomplish more as a part of a team than I ever could on my own. Without my shipmates, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Part of being a team is holding each other accountable and that is one of the more difficult aspects of the Regiment of Cadets. You are in a leadership position that puts you in command of your peers, which essentially is the situation many of our cadets find themselves in upon graduation. The leadership system here is the reason our cadets graduate with the ability to be confident in their managerial skills.

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Stephen Kelleher in Uniform

Stephen Kelleher, JR. '18

Major:  International Maritime Business
Hometown: Bourne, Massachusetts
Position: Regimental Training & Retention Officer

Why did you choose to attend MMA?
I  knew attending the Academy would be challenging, but I also knew it would be rewarding.  After learning about all the success graduates have in their careers, I made the choice to become a Buccaneer.

Advice for incoming students?
The advice that I would give incoming students is that the greatest rewards pose the greatest challenges. Anything worth achieving won’t come easily and neither will their time at the Academy. And however daunting that may sound, I would encourage cadets of all classes to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Every challenge only helps to grow you stronger.

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Calvin Rookard in Uniform

Calvin Rookard, Jr '20

Major: Marine Transportation
Hometown: Easton, Maryland
Activities: Fishing Club President, Yearbook Committee 

Why did you choose your major?
I grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland, surrounded by water. Ever since I was a kid, I was always interested in navigating a boat. Later in life, I had the opportunity to hone my boating and nautical skills through a position as dock master, where I got to learn from highly experienced sailors active and retired merchant mariners, active ship captains, and individuals involved in the maritime  industry). They helped me to develop a new plan to make a career out of the passion I had for the water. My friend, Josh Kilmon ’13, helped me to finalize my decision to attend.


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Jamie Hayes in Uniform

Jamie Hayes '18

Majors: Marine Engineering & Facilities Engineering
Hometown: Stonington, Connecticut
Position: Marine Engineering Adjutant

How will Sea Term Help You?
Sea term is an experience that cadets at a typical college do not get. Employers understand that cadets who graduate from MMA have already experienced what living on a ship is like, how to operate and maintain a plant, and how to perform maintenance. Although this may seem normal to those at MMA, it truly sets us apart from others when looking for jobs. In addition, it gives cadets more confidence when entering the workforce because they are not thrown into a completely foreign environment.

Advice to prepare for Sea Term?
Pay attention, details can make or break your experience. Upperclassmen are most likely telling  you something because they have already experienced it.

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Emma Sullivan in Uniform

Emma Sullivan, '20

Major: Emergency Management
Hometown: Weymouth, Massachusetts
Experiential Learning: Habitat for Humanity, Eustis Florida, 2017

Top take away from your learning experience:
I’ve learned about the vast possibilities that exist with a career in emergency management. I had the chance to explore everything from the private to the public sector, different emergency management operations around the country, law enforcement opportunities, environmental opportunities, public health opportunities, and so much more.

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