Cadet Watchstanding Policy

(For use by all MENG & MTRA students)

Cadet Watchstanding aboard the TS Kennedy while alongside is one of the few approved methods of accruing sea time towards licensure.  Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering students are expected to earn a combined total of 30 days of sea time by completing watches and maintenance aboard the TS Kennedy.  The following policies are longstanding practices that ensure fair and equitable participation in the Cadet Watch System and the ability for all students to earn the sea time that they need for graduation:

  1. USCG license track students will be responsible for filling the watch billets aboard the TS Kennedy.
  2. Students are not excused from standing assigned watches.  Students who have a conflict may find their own substitute and use a change-of-watch form to document the change.  There are no exceptions.  Watch bills will be posted 3 weeks in advance so that students can plan ahead.
  3. Watch normally takes precedence over class.  Cadets are responsible for informing their professors of their planned absence in a timely fashion, and are responsible for the assigned course material.  Cadets may be excused from watch in order to take an exam or quiz, or scheduled labs that are not easily rescheduled.  Cadets must inform the Chief Mate during the day, or the ASDO during the evening that they are requesting to attend an exam or lab.  Cadets must immediately return to their billet once they complete the exam.
  4. Holiday watches are not paid watches.  Students will receive hour-for-hour credit for holiday and weekend watches.
  5. The buying and selling of watches is forbidden and will be adjudicated as a Class I Offense. 

Other methods of earning sea time are limited to cruises aboard the TS Kennedy as a registered student, cruises aboard other state maritime training ships as a registered student, commercial shipping as a registered student, maintenance aboard the TS Kennedy, and other approved opportunities at times when the TS Kennedy is underway, such as during Orientation Mini Cruises.

Adjutants are responsible not to schedule cadets for more than 1 daytime watch per semester.  Company Officers may allow an exception when necessary based on the number of MTRA/MENG students available in that company.