Carnival Legend 2020

Visit aboard Carnival Legend - Feb.16 in Tampa

On the last leg of seaterm'20, the students had the opportunity to visit a Carnival cruise ship , the 'Carnival Legend' docked in Tampa, Florida. Carnival is one of the largest cruise line in the world based on annual revenue and the number of ships in the fleet. Waste management ,pollution prevention and ship safety is the central focus of sustainable ship operations and cleaner oceans at Carnival which was on display as environmental officer Richard Bryan showed us around the majestic ship. Students witnessed the logistics of moving thousands of passengers, stores and provisions under elaborate security checks. All this had to be achieved within a few hours since the ship had a scheduled departure in the afternoon. Ships in general and cruise ships in particular make their money at sea and have to keep their itineraries whether full or not. The visit was marked by a sumptuous lunch aboard a luxury cruise liner. We wish to thank Richard Bryan and the officers and crew of 'Carnival Legend' who made this visit a success.

cadets posing in front of 2 Carnival Legand ships

Cadets posing on deck of Carnival Legend

Group of cadets aboard the Carnival Legend

cadets walking around inside ship

cadets inside a ship standing around a banister

Cadets standing in a group inside the ship

group of cadets listening to speaker while abroad