Chief Engineers Log

While he was President of Massachusetts Maritime Academy, the late RADM Maurice J. Bresnahan, Jr. USN (Ret.) '59 proposed that MMA graduates who had attained a USCG Chief Engineer license be recognized on campus. In response, a small group of Chief Engineers - Dennis Doherty ‘60, Gus Bourneuf ’61, and Gus Forand ’65 along with Academy staffers CAPT Brad Lima ’74 and CDR George Gillis ’64 - moved this project forward. Today, the Chief Engineers Log proudly hangs in “Engineer’s Alley” on the first floor of Bresnahan Hall.

The committee’s first initiative helped secure over $25,000 in donations towards procuring three single phase, 120 volt reversible-motor controllers for the T.S. Kennedy’s Motor Control Lab. As direct beneficiaries of the generosity of those whose names appear on the Chief Engineers Log, Engineering cadets learn proper electrical safety as well as wiring systems in the Control Lab.

We encourage MMA’s Chief Engineer alumni to join us in continuing this initiative and pass the information along to shipmates and classmates that are Chief Engineers.


All Massachusetts Maritime Academy graduates whose license read CHIEF ENGINEER.


Current Members

Founding Members - Dennis Doherty ‘60; Gus Bourneuf ’61; Oscar “Gus” Forand ’65

Everett S. Ransom  1898 Dennis G. Doherty 1960 Richard L. McAndrew 1976
Thomas E. O'Donovan 1926 Ralph O. Hill 1960 J. Brian Shepard, Sr. 1979
James D. Crosby 1931 Lawrence J. Ward 1961 Joseph P. Collins 1979
James M. Murray 1935 Gus Bourneuf Jr. 1961 Todd Hibbert 1981
William H. Hemmerly 1936 Ernest S. Dewis 1962 Robert Shaughnessy 1981
Anthony B. L'Esperance 1942 William J. Butler, Jr. 1963 John J. Strazzulla 1982
George E. Murphy 1943 John E. Miller, Jr. 1964 Brian William Riley 1982
Frederick H.G. Wright 1943 Oscar "Gus" Forand 1965 Andrew W. Hayden 1984
John J. Ventola 1944 Richard M. Mushet 1966 Michael S. Tinkel 1985
William F. Hefner 1945 William Henry Campbell 1967 Richard Whittemore 1990
John A. Culver USN (Ret) 1947 Daniel E. Doherty 1967 Jeremy Lisle Malcolm 1992
Charles M. Dallas 1947 William P. Laffan 1970 Marisol A. Chalas 1996
Thomas F. Nicholson 1950 Mark V. O'Donnell 1974 Kevin F. McCollem 2002
William "Max" Brady 1951 Thomas L. Stanton 1974 Joe DeMelin 2004
Donald E. Kadlac 1959 Thomas A. St.Pierre 1975    
Lawrence Jacobanis 1960 William C. Van Wormer 1976