Confidential resources on-campus

  • Health Services (student service only), located in Fourth Company, (508) 830-5243
  • Counseling Center (student service only), located in Third Company, (508) 830-5000 ext. 1480
  • Pastoral Counselor, Father Houston, located in COMCAD


Non-confidential campus resources (when obligated to report):

The following resources are not bound by confidentiality, however, they will maintain one’s privacy within the limited group of Academy personnel necessary to address the issues of prohibited conduct presented.  Understanding that victims may feel more comfortable disclosing an incident to an Academy official that one knows well; all Academy faculty and professional staff have received Responsible Employee training. 

  • Title IX Coordinator/Human Resources Director/Disability Services, Ms. Elizabeth Benway located in Harrington Building Executive Offices, (508) 830-5086
  • Commandant’s Office/Student Services/Company Officers located in each Company (student service only)
  • Cadet Officers, located in every Company (student service only)
  • Campus Police, located in Bresnahan Hall, (508) 726-0798 or (508) 830-5000 ext. 1025
  • Learning Disability Services, Professor Fran Tishkevich, located in Harrington 311A, (508) 830-5000 ext. 2208