Department Self Studies

Academic and administrative units/departments at MMA regularly conduct self-studies based on applicable NECHE standards (a pdf version of the latest NECHE Standards for Accreditation is available here). These self-studies are evaluated by an external reviewer who provides feedback and suggestions for continuous program improvement. Below you can view self-study guidelines, schedules, templates, and resources as well as recent self-study and external review documents.

Guidelines, Schedules, Templates, and Related Resources:

Administrative units/departments:
Administrative Unit Review Guidelines   (as of 10/24/2016)     

Administrative Unit Review Schedule   (as of 9/14/2017)       
Administrative Unit Review Letter of Agreement template  
Academic departments/programs:                                         
Academic Department Program Review Guidelines   (as of 8/12/2016)   
Academic Department Program Review Schedule   (as of 2/22/2017)    
Academic Department Program Review Letter of Agreement template                      
For use by both academic and administrative units/departments:                                         
Review Response Report template (i.e., department/program proposed action plan)                                          
Tips for Structuring Your Mission Statement             
Recent Self-Study and External Review Documents: