MMA Campus

Board of Trustees

Massachusetts Maritime Academy was founded in 1891 and entered the Massachusetts State College, now University, system in 1964.  The nine Massachusetts Commonwealth Universities are each overseen by the individual college’s Board of Trustees which in turn is overseen by the Board of Higher Education which in turn reports to the Secretary of Education for the Commonwealth.

Each college Board of Trustees consist of eleven trustees, nine appointed by the Governor, one appointed by the college’s alumni body, and one appointed by the student body.  The Trustees receive no compensation and the Governor appointed Trustees serve for a five year term and may serve for a second five year term if reappointed by the Governor.

First and foremost the Academy’s Board of Trustees always considers what is in the best interests of the current and future Academy Cadets, their education, training, leadership, their career employment possibilities, and their long term career potential.

To fulfill the duties and responsibility obligations of the Trustees the Trustees meet a minimum of eight times a year on campus, see the “Board Schedule”, with the Academy staff in attendance.  For greater insight into the structure and detail of those meetings please refer to the agendas and minutes of those meetings in the sections “Board Materials” and “Board Meeting Minutes” respectively.

The duties and responsibilities of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Trustees begin with the oversight of the formulation of Academy’s rolling Five Year Strategic Plan which defines the Academy’s academic purpose, direction, development, goals, and accountability metrics.  The Five Year Strategic Plan also addresses the campus physical facilities, financial and advancement goals, and quality of student life.  The Five Year Strategic Plan can be found under “Baseline Strategic Matrix” as can the Year End Report by the Academy staff of its compliance and success in meeting the stringent demands of the Five Year Strategic Plan.

The Board of Trustees welcomes you to attend our Board meetings and speak with the Trustees and Academy staff.