Entrance Counseling

All first time MMA borrowers must complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling before their loan can be finalized. If you have any problems completing this information, please contact the MMA Loan Coordinator, Marissa Barros at 508-830-5222 or mbarros@maritime.edu.

In addition to completing Entrance Counseling, students must also sign a Direct Loan Master Promissory Note.

Please visit Studentaid.gov and log in using the box in the upper right corner of the page.  Once signed in, you can select 'complete entrance counseling' and follow the on line instructions to complete the counseling session.  This counseling will provide the student with important information about borrowing through the federal student loan program. The Office of Student Financial Services at MMA will receive an electronic notification when the counseling has been completed.  Students are encouraged to maintain a copy of the confirmation that they receive once the process has been completed.


Please note:  federal loans will not be finalized and disbursed to your student account until both the Entrance Counseling is completed and the Master Promissory Note is signed.  Failure to complete these steps could also result in the cancelation of a student's federal loan(s).