Exit Counseling

Any student who has had a Federal Direct Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Stafford Loan as part of their financial aid award is required to complete Federal Loan Exit Counseling before they graduate or withdraw from MMA. The counseling session is performed online. This process will take you through your detailed loan summary for the years you were enrolled, as well as give important information regarding repayment, consolidation, and other loan options. 

You can complete Exit Counseling at Studentaid.gov. You will need an SFA User ID in order to complete the exit counseling.   You may already have this ID, as it is required to file the FAFSA.  It is very important that you complete this before you leave the Academy. If a student does not complete Exit Counseling, the student will automatically be assigned a standard repayment term and not be given the option to select the plan that best fits the student's individual situation. If you are unable to access the counseling session online, we will be happy to review the paper version with you at an agreed upon date and time. Please contact Mrs. Barros at 508-830-5222 if you have any problems with completing exit counseling. 


Please note:  This Exit Counseling Process only covers any Federal Loans that you have borrowed.  It does not include any private, alternative loans that you and/or your parents have borrowed in addition to the Federal Loans that you were awarded as part of the financial aid application process.  Students are welcome to contact our office to determine if you have borrowed any loans in addition to these federal loans.