FENG Learning Outcomes

The overarching goal of the FENG program is to produce a competent and conscientious facilities engineer who will be prepared to take on a responsible role as a contributing member of our highly technical society.

At the end of the FENG Program, graduates should be able to:

  1.  Apply general education knowledge to appreciate the impact of engineering solutions on society as a whole.
  2.  Apply mathematics, science, and engineering knowledge to solve engineering problems.
  3.  Gather, analyze and interpret engineering data.
  4.  Communicate effectively in English using written, oral and graphic formats.
  5.  Function effectively as a member of a multidisciplinary team.
  6.  Use engineering tools and techniques to safely operate, maintain and repair equipment, machinery and engineering systems typically found in an industrial facility.
  7.  Understand and comply with applicable environmental regulations, building codes, sustainability goals and similar requirements at an industrial facility in accordance with local, state or federal legislative requirements.

As a condition for graduation, all students in the FENG major are required to take and pass the Facilities Engineering Qualification Exam (FEQE), which is administered during the student's senior year.  The FEQE is a three hour comprehensive exam that includes 90 multiple choice questions, which test the student's overall mathematics, applied science and engineering knowledge.  The FEQE also includes an essay question to evaluate the student's writing ability.