"First Watch" : Jazz & Contemporary Music Ensemble

The Academy's first Band! "First Watch" The Academy’s premier jazz and contemporary ensemble, have been performing the finest of big band music for The Academy and regional audiences for over 60 years. Formed in 1942, this 15-member group continues the jazz big band, dance band, traditions coupled with the contemporary sounds of today with some of the finest cadet musicians in the maritime world. Led by 3/c David Coughlin (Marlborough, MA), the band has gone to a new high. "First Watch" takes its name from the maritime tradition of watchstanding and the first watch being the most desired. The group is versatile, flexible, band having the capabilities of playing genres of music ranging from jazz & standards, rhythm & blues, to adult contemporary and pop. This elite ensemble, "First Watch"  has energized and excited audiences of all generations throughout the region with high energy, spirited performances.

Black and white trumpet and band playingcadet at drums looking at the camera