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Resources on the web

Blackboard Exemplary Course Program Rubric (courtesy of Blackboard)

Inclusive Teaching Practices Toolkit (courtesy of the Association of College and University Educators)

Pedagogies of Care (Open Resources for Student-Centered & Adaptive Strategies in the New Higher-Ed Landscape)

Course Workload Estimator 2.0 (courtesy of Wake Forest University)

Calculating Time on Task (in Face-to-Face, Online, or Blended Courses)

The Online Teaching Toolkit (courtesy of the Association of College and University Educators)

OSCQR Course Design Review Scorecard for online courses

Peralta Online Equity Rubric

Making the Move to Online Courses: Resources to Inform Teaching and Learning (resource list compiled by the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA))

Simple Classroom Assessment Techniques (including techniques for online courses)

Taking Your Classroom Assessment Techniques Online

Eli Review (online peer learning resource for teachers and students) – access to Eli is being offered free of charge through the end of Spring 2020 terms to help with the sudden transition to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic

New England Faculty Development Consortium – Mass Maritime is an instutional member of NEFDC, an organization that provides resources for faculty. NEFDC member benefits include reduced registration fees to their annual conferences and access to The Exchange (an annual publication covering teaching and learning best practices).

Retrieval Practice – Retrieval practice emphasizes the act of calling information to mind, and this site offers resources to help strengthen memory and recall.

Teaching in Higher Ed – Teaching in Higher Ed is a collection of resources, including a blog and podcasts, covering topics ranging from educational technology to productivity and pedagogy.

Association of College and University Educators – ACUE offers resources, such as a blog and discussion forum.

Special series and suggested readings:

The Chronicle of Higher Education - Special Report: Small Changes in Teaching

Retrieval Practice - Recommended Books

Resources in the MMA Library

Open Education Resources (OER) Guide

The Teaching Professor (recent editions available in print)

Chronicle of Higher Education (also available in print)

Higher Education Quarterly


Faculty Mentoring

Faculty Mentor's Wisdom

Faculty Training for Web-Enhanced Learning

Online Teaching at its Best

Higher Education Pedagogies