Guatemala Experiential Learning Trip

The Guatemala Experiential Learning Trip is designed for Emergency Management students interested in humanitarian relief and exploring a new culture. The immersive 25-day experience engages students in community service projects and learning Spanish. Students experience this amazing country, culture while exploring Antigua and the local areas. This past year, a group of ten 1/C and 2/C Emergency Management students participated in the trip from January 8th to February 1st, with the Emergency Management Department Chair, Professor Lennon, who led the excursion. While in Guatemala, students visited the US Embassy, USAID, and sit down with the US MILGROUP. While in Antigua, students lodged at the Purpose Hostel and attended classes in the Ixchel Spanish School. The ten students were divided into three groups and experienced different locations every week.  While there, the groups were assigned multiple tasks, including painting, construction site clean up, construction, gardening, and interacting with the local children. There was a mentor assigned to the group and supervised, translated, and worked with them. During the weekend, students had numerous activities from which to chose. One weekend, students hiked and spent a night at Acatenango, which is one of the highest volcanoes in Central America. It is also next to Volcan de Fuego, a very active volcano. While there, students experienced Fuego erupt, spent another a night camping, and see the sunrise at the summit. Other activities consisted of going to Caoba Farms, visiting Hobbitenango, and shopping in the open markets. This trip created memories of a lifetime, new friends, and a rewarding experience of helping people less fortunate.

A student's typical day consisted of:

Wake up: 0600
Breakfast: 0630
Worksites: 0800 - 1200
Lunch: 1230
Spanish Class: 1400 - 1700
Dinner & Free Time: 1700 - 2100

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