IAMU Conference 2018-Student Project participants

The 19th annual general assembly of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) was held in Barcelona, Spain from 17th-19th October 2018.

The International Maritime Business Rates , Alec Schenning, Ian Costello, and James Dertien took part in the 19th annual AGA IAMU Student Conference in Barcelona, Spain. Our rates spent months preparing a research paper and presentation on the Human Element in Autonomous Shipping. Upon landing in Barcelona, the Rates immediately began to explore the culture and historical sites of the city. Each day, the rates participated in various IAMU events, including presentations, networking events, and dinners. Each night, the rates were able to enjoy local Mediterranean foods to include paella, seafood and crepes. On the third day of the conference, the rates gave an outstanding presentation on their heavily researched subject. Our Rates not only gained valuable cultural and academic experience, they also learned about law enforcement when they were involved in a robbery situation and assisted in the defensive action against the thieves. If not for the swift actions of James “Power Elbow” Dertien, the thieves would have escaped. Aside from the great experience the Rates were able to share together, they also met other maritime students from around the world. The Rates interacted with students from SUNY, Poland, Denmark, Ukraine, Egypt, Russia China and more. The Rates also befriended two local students from Barcelona who acted as their tour guides for the week. The Barcelonan students were able to show the Rates some of the best spots in Barcelona that were not on any tourist websites. The students also acted as translators for the Mass Maritime Rates during their time in Spain. All in all, the Rates had a fantastic trip that left them with a deeper cultural understanding of Spain and other maritime cultures, new international contacts, experience presenting in an international setting and an expanded knowledge of current maritime activities.

IAMUS 2018 Barcelona IMB rates

IAMUS 2018 Barcelona participants