IMB Center Lecture Series

The IMB Center has begun a lecture series this year under the astute guidance of Dr. Ani Dasgupta, Director IMB Center. The IMB department would like to make the IMB Center lecture series a regular affair with talks taking place on a bi-weekly basis. For the most part, the focus of these talks will be on innovations and current trends that affect or have the potential to affect the business world and particularly, the maritime business world.  These talks are currently scheduled to run from 4 pm on (alternate) Wednesdays at the IMB Center.

For these talks, the Center is hoping to get a mix of both internal and external speakers from the industry and academia. Dr. Dasgupta envisions the Center to be a hotbed of ideas resulting from contributions from all interested faculty in the Academy as well as invited external speakers. The hope is that the Center will be soon working on research problems suggested to it by businesses using its interdisciplinary teams of faculty members.The first talk of this semester (9/19)  was delivered  by Captain Ashok Pandey. The topic 'Risk mitigation through e-Navigation in Polar Waters' is all about the dangers posed to ships navigating in the High North  and innovative solutions offered to mitigate risks posed in ice infested waters.