Why IMB?

  • Ability to work in multiple industries
  • Study abroad connections
  • Hands-on internships
  • Faculty with first-hand knowledge in the field
  • Provides background for law school, MBA or doctorate degrees

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Target Industries

  • Freight Forwarding & Brokerage
  • International Finance & Banking
  • Marine Insurance
  • Inter-modal Transportation (Rail, Road, Air, Sea)
  • Maritime Shipping 
  • Global Logistics (Warehousing & Supply Chain Management)
  • Ship Chartering
  • Port/Terminal Operations

IMB Learning Outcomes

Our program serves the international maritime business interests of the Commonwealth and the nation. The emphasis on curricular design is aligned to the educational philosophy of the Academy: Learn–Do–Learn. This successful learning model has been developed through opportunities for the practical application of theories and concepts learned through the sea term and cooperative experiences in real world corporate settings. The mission of the IMB department is to create a disciplined, hard‐working and positive‐thinking professional who will be generally well‐versed in all functional areas of international business, and at the same time, will have specific expertise in the maritime sector, where such expertise will be earned as much from practical experience as from a rigorous academic program. 

Broad-Based Student Learning Goals

  1. Students will possess a strong foundation in the core functional areas in international business and management, as well as in maritime business.
  2. Students will be able to analyze complex information and data using decision support tools, quantitative techniques and IT skills in a variety of contexts related to business and transportation.
  3. Students will develop a strong sense of discipline, integrity, responsibility, self-confidence, leadership and inter-personal skills necessary to work effectively in an increasingly complex and dynamic world.
  4. Students will be able to work, individually or as part of a team, in projects to evaluate and analyze critical issues and cases, and present their findings professionally.
  5. Students will acquire hands-on experiential learning through cooperative programs at sea or ashore which afford unique opportunities for integrating, applying and sharpening further their shipping and business knowledge and professional skills.

Broad-Based Operational Goals

  1. The IMB Department will offer rigorous, challenging and current industry-oriented programs that effectively prepare students for excellent professional careers.
  2. The IMB Department will attract and retain faculty who are highly-qualified and passionate about their teaching fields and are dedicated in promoting the academic progress and broader development of their students.
  3. The IMB Department will provide students with personalized guidance, support and motivation to bring out the best in them and to ensure that they will progress systematically through their curriculum.
  4. The IMB Department will ensure that teaching takes places in a setting that nurtures students’ active participation and interaction with their instructors.
  5. The IMB Department will offer a highly conducive academic environment that provides students with adequate access to a variety of opportunities and up-to-date resources for them to effectively carry out their learning activities.
  6. The IMB Department will work to ensure that students have good opportunities beyond the classroom to work and interact with industry.

A full PDF version of our Outcomes Assessment Plan is available.

Outcome Assessment Plan

This slideshow provides an overview of our learning assessment system.