IMB Sea Term 2020 - Panama Report

This sea term has been busier than ever with a Panama Transit (once every four years), field trip to the Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) and the reception on board the TS 'Kennedy' during the Port call (Bilbao, Panama) between Jan 24-Jan 27, 2020.
The Panama Transit was a rare opportunity that the IMB students could witness as the TS 'Kennedy' negotiated the famous Panama Canal locks on its transit from the Atlantic to the Pacific side of the Americas. The southerly transit  gave the students an opportunity to observe  ship operations that included anchoring, mooring in the locks and Port docking  in a spate of 24 hours.The easterly transit is due on Feb 4 as the ship crosses back into the Atlantic Caribbean from the Pacific.
The field trip to MIT, a state of-the-art container terminal was arranged in close cooperation with the top management at MIT that included a welcome lunch, presentation by MIT executives and a guided tour of the facility. Students were able to apply the theoretical concepts learned in class to experience how a container terminal works in practice. A good lesson in container terminal logistics and box management was the take away from the field trip.
The field trip had 30 students that included the IMB and MSEP Co-op students to Panama as well. UMIP was very helpful in providing us the transport to Colon(MIT) and back.
The reception onboard provided a great networking opportunity as the MIT personnel, UMIP executives and Panama Canal Authority (PCA) executives joined a large number of MMA alumni and Pilots to celebrate the ship transit.

UMIP staff

MIT Presentation 1

Backdrop Bridge of the Americas

Balboa Dock

IMB EL & Panama Co-op students

MIT Staff

Panama Gatun Locks

IMB EL & Panama Co-op Group Photo