Institution Outcomes Assessment

The Academy’s Core Competencies and Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) are informed by MMA’s mission statement. The MMA Core Competencies and ISLOs for undergraduate education were revised during spring 2016. Final updates were approved and became effective as of June 22, 2016.

MMA Core Competencies:

These five areas comprise the essential skills and abilities that form the educational foundation for all other courses and allow for success beyond the Academy. These competencies are introduced, reinforced by, or incorporated into many courses throughout the curriculum. All students who graduate from MMA should achieve competency in these areas.

Core Competencies Definition
Specialized Knowledge
This competency reflects what students should be able to demonstrate with respect to their major or academic program.

Broad and Integrative Learning

This competency reflects basic knowledge and understanding related to humanities, social sciences, sciences, and mathematics. It also reflects students’ ability to bridge different areas of learning.

Intellectual Skills

This competency reflects students' skills as related to communication, quantitative literacy, and higher-order thinking. It also includes technology and information literacy skills, creating a foundation for lifelong learning.
Applied and Collaborative Learning
This competency reflects what students can do with what they know. It reflects students' application of knowledge, skills, and abilities as demonstrated in classroom, workplace, and other settings.
Civic and Global Learning
This competency reflects the knowledge, skills, values, and abilities necessary for participation in civic and democratic life. It includes awareness, understanding, and appreciation of social and political values as well as respect for diversity and inclusion.


MMA Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) for Undergraduate Education: The Academy’s Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) for undergraduate education are derived from the Academy’s core competencies and address expectations for the undergraduate experience within the majors, the general education program, and the co-curriculum. Graduate Program Learning Outcomes: Student learning outcomes have been established for the Academy’s graduate programs in Emergency ManagementFacilities Management and Maritime Business Management