International Maritime Business Program (IMB): Ranked #1 in the Nation

The International Maritime Business Program of the MMA has placed number one in the rankings of the highly respected national resource, Schools.Com. The international business program is serving a very important national goal, especially with the marine, maritime and shipping world being global in nature.  The specialization of the International Maritime Business Program of the MMA is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE)Schools.Com has also acknowledged the business program's contribution to education and the value it adds to the life of the student. The winning factors were listed as follows, "We took a hard look at degree programs across the nation.  Our new study ranked Massachusetts Maritime Academy's International Business program No. 1!  We scored each school using several factors including affordability, flexibility and student success."  It quite impressive to have the numbers to back up the success of the IMB program  especially by well-respected ranking entities such as Schools.Com. Therefore, we once again congratulate the MMA's International Maritime Business Program for its number one achievement for 2017/2018 as a top International Business Program in the nation. For more information, please refer to the Schools.Com page for Best Colleges for International Business Degree Programs.   2018 International Best Schools Logo