International Student Admission

Massachusetts Maritime Academy is ranked as one of the top state maritime universities in the United States. As an international student (defined as a non-US citizen or non-US Permanent Resident Green Card holder) you will find that the undergraduate education is unlike any other. You will not only learn and experience the American culture; but you will also dive into the unique and rewarding culture that is the Regiment of Cadets - a culture that will build the foundation to successfully achieve your educational and career goals.

The process to apply may vary depending on whether you're applying as a freshman or as a transfer student. 

We now offer seven unique undergraduate majors:

* Special Notice for International Students Interested in Licensed Majors (Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation): Non-US citizen, upon successful completion of the United States Coast Guard Exam and graduation, will receive a Letter of Accreditation INSTEAD of a US Coast Guard License. US citizenship is required to attain the US Coast Guard License. The Letter of Accreditation, along with all graduation certificates, may then be used to acquire a home country's Coast Guard License. The process will vary from country to country.