IRB Agreement with Bridgewater State University

The IRB website for Bridgewater State University (BSU) includes links to required forms, training, and related information. Investigators must file an initial application and await the IRB’s decision before research activities can begin. The approval period is for one year. If research activities will continue beyond the one-year period, BSU’s IRB Study Renewal Form must first be filed. Any changes to a study after its initial approval must also be approved by the BSU IRB using their IRB Amendment Form. Any adverse events that occur during the course of a study are reported using BSU’s Adverse Event Form. 

All investigators engaged in human subjects research should complete training related to human subjects protection. Please note that BSU requires that all submitted IRB applications include certificates of completion of training. This policy will be strictly enforced. Training credentials will need to be renewed every three years. BSU will require two types of training of investigators: 1) the review of a series of brief IRB process videos available on BSU's Blackboard site and 2) the completion of the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) course for Social/Behavioral Investigators. Please contact MMA’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness for directions on how to access the required training. Access instructions are also included in the Fall 2016 Faculty Academic Orientation presentation slides.

BSU’s IRB website

PLEASE NOTE that completed IRB forms should be directed to the MMA’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness rather than forwarded directly to BSU.

How do you know if you need to submit an application with the IRB? Visit the related page, “When to Submit an IRB Application.”