Keep Yourself & Your Family Safe


As hospital and serious illness cases climb and COVID is more widespread, actions to maintain your health and the health of your family  are even more important.

There are cases of people in their 20's having symptoms, some serious enough for hospital and even ICU admissions.  You are in one of the safest groups, but we are learning that you are not immune to the serious effects of the virus.

You are also in the group most likely to be positive without any symptoms, so taking care to avoid unknowingly passing this on to a higher at risk family member is critical.

Steps and Precautions:
  1. Pharmacy Meds - if you or your family need prescription medications, use the drive through of the pharmacy to pick them up to limit your contacts.  Call ahead to get more than 1 month supply prepared - it is now allowed as long as the prescription has refills remaining..
  2. Older-Sicker Contacts - Because you are more likely to have no symptoms, but to be a carrier, avoid visiting older or sicker friends and families. 
    • Help them:  Drop off supplies at their door and teach them how to use skype/facetime if they are not familiar or make sure their phone works well. Remind them about washing their hands after putting supplies away and always before eating.  Have them use a separate bathroom from anyone else living in the house.
  3. Shared items like pens, money... - Unfortunately the virus lives on surfaces, about a day on cardboard and 2-3 days for plastic and metal.  So avoid shared items and carry your own pen for your use only. Money touches a lot of hands - use credit/debit cards when able instead.
  4. Hygiene, Hygiene, Hygiene -  - continue washing with soap and water - "Wash and Breath", 4 deep breaths in and out while you wash;  sanitize hands if you can't wash. Keep your hands away from your face.
  5. Cough -  Cough only into your elbow, never your hands or the open air.
  6. Greeting -  It's a no handshake, kiss or hug society right now when you greet others.  Always maintain 6 feet of distance even in normal conversation or in lines. Wear a homemade mask when you are out of the house.  Stopping the spread between people without symptoms is essential to slow things down!
  7. Smoking -   Please stop smoking or vaping, let us know if you need help - these activities that irritate and inflame the lungs are dangerous when you have a virus that also attacks the lungs
  8. Other Commercial Stores  - If you need anything from a grocery store, gas station, or pharmacy, act on that as soon as able.  Have items for you and your family on hand to minimize how much you need to go out and make it easier for you to stay in.
The next chapter

Adjustment is the new normal until we get past Coronavirus.  With all the public health steps and over 30 drugs and vaccines under investigation it's just a matter of time until we get there.  So for now, slow down the spread and keep protecting yourself and each other, until the corner is turned.

We remain at your service,

MMA Medical and Counseling