Letter From the Regimental Commander

The Commonwealth's Leadership University

Cadet Candidates,

On behalf of the Regiment of Cadets, I would like to congratulate you on your acceptance and decision to attend Massachusetts Maritime Academy. It takes a distinct individual to be a Cadet in our Regiment. You should be proud and eager to embrace being a part of something bigger than yourself. The hard work you have exerted to this point has paid off, but a new chapter of your growth begins now. Seize the opportunity and develop the necessary skills to mold yourself into a valuable member of society.

Given the current global health crisis, I want to assure you that the health and wellbeing of all students, staff, and by extension our families at home, are the most important thing to my team. We have been collaborating daily with MMA Health Services to develop protocols that keep everyone safe and healthy during Orientation. Physical distancing, masking, hand hygiene, and elimination of commonly-touched surfaces will be built into every evolution of our Orientation program. Health Services will be providing further detail on the Health Protocols as Orientation approaches. For now, we ask that you follow public health recommendations and also plan your summer to minimize travel, avoid gathering or other possible exposures during the 14 days before your report day. In particular, out-of-state travel to high-illness states and airline travel should be avoided.

With Orientation 2020 quickly approaching, I highly encourage you to begin preparing mentally and physically. Orientation will constantly challenge your integrity, self-dicipline, and attention to detail. You will be expected to embrace followership and teamwork while overcoming mental and physical fatigue. Completing Orientation is a rewarding experience and tremendous achievement, but it will not happen easily if you do not start to prepare now.

Below, I have listed 4 key points to assist you in preparing for a successful Orientation:

  1. Begin a physical training program now. Our physical training standards are included on the Class of 2024 webpage. Train to standard! Don't forget to grain outdoors in warm weather. August tends to bring extremly hot temperature that will make physical activity very challenging if you fail to prepare. Please remember to hydrate and recover properly as well.
  2. When you arrive for Orientation, dress appropriately for the weather and wear white sneakers. All males are required to show up with a #1 haricut (1/8"). All females are required to arrive with neat and manageable hair, free of unnatural coloration.
  3. Review the Class of 2024 webpage. The "Youngie Knowledge" that you will be required to recite verbatim during Orientation is posted there. I highly encourage you to start studying the knowledge as soon as possible.
  4. If you do not know how to swim, be proactive and start learning now.

You will find that the only way to succeed during Orientation is to work as a team. You must learn to complete the task at hand as a unit. There is no desire for individuals here at our Academy, only contributing members to the team. Arrive here with that mindset.

My staff and I look forward to your arrival here on Taylor's Point.

Very respectfully,

1/C Dominic J. Vaccari
Regimental Commander
Massachusetts Maritime Academy

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