Message from the Commandant to Students

From: Office of the Commandant
To: Regiment of Cadets
Subject: Partial Shutdown
(March 16, 2020)

As you are aware the President has directed a one week suspension of classes, in addition, the President has directed a partial shutdown of the academy until April 3rd, The purpose of which is to help keep the cadets and staff safe from COVID-19. The following information is provided:

  1. Massachusetts Maritime will move to remote learning beginning Monday, March 23. More information will follow shortly from the academic department. The one week of suspension of classes will allow the faculty and staff time to work on alternate modes of teaching and delivering courses.
  2. Cadets can remain on campus until 1200, on Tuesday March 17th, at which time they must vacate their rooms and take with them all of their personal belongings. This also applies to
    cadets residing at the Mariner’s Inn and the Hampton Inn. Please note that the Commandant’s Staff will be here this weekend to help those cadets who wish to check out over the weekend. Regular checkout procedures are in effect.
  3. All cadets must complete an electronic “Cadet Displacement Form”. This form can be found at .
  4. We understand that for a limited number of cadets, going to or staying at a location away from campus is not possible. For that reason, the Commandant’s Office has created a petition form for cadets who have compelling reason to remain on campus. Compelling reasons are- but not limited to, residing outside of the Northeast Region, or out of country, or fulfilling a mission critical work study position, or for medical reasons. The deadline to submit a petition is noon on Monday March 16th. Only those cadets who have successfully petitioned the Commandant’s office for extreme reasons will be allowed to stay on campus beyond March 17th.The petition form can be found at The petition form should be printed and submitted to LT. Deegan for consideration.
  5. All student services will continue their regular work schedules.
  6. Limited out of New England storage for valid reasons only is available but must be approved by Lt. Muldoon. The band room will be the storage location.

Additional Information:

Full food service will remain in effect during the partial shutdown. Health and Counseling Services will remain in effect during the partial shutdown.

The gym will remain open during the partial shutdown with the following hours, Monday to Thursday 0800-2100 and Friday to Sunday 1000-1800.

Regular Buc Shuttle service to CVS pharmacy, Stop & Shop and Ocean State Job Lot will remain active for the duration of the partial shutdown.

All cadets who successfully petition the Commandant’s Office to remain on campus will be housed in rooms located in Fourth Company and Seventh Company, including those displaced from the Mariner’s Inn and the Hampton Inn.

Very Respectfully,
Edward J. Rozak
Vice President Student Services