Minor in American Studies

The American Studies Minor is offered jointly by the Departments of Humanities and Social Science. It is designed to expose students to a range of approaches to American culture. The focus of this minor will provide students with a greater understanding of American cultural identity as shaped by history, literature, and artistic endeavor. Such a minor will be of value to all students desiring greater identification with America, from those seeking careers in the United States military to those simply desiring a greater sense of themselves as Americans.
   SS-1211 Western Civilization
   HU-1111 English Composition
   HU-1222 Analysis and Interpretation of Literature
Course Requirements:

The American Studies minor consists of six courses, three from the Humanities Department and three from the Social Science Department.

I. The Humanities Department:
         A. The Humanities Department has two required courses for the minor:
               HU-5032 American Literature I: Colonial Period to Civil War
               HU-5033 American Literature II: Civil War to the Present
         B. The Humanities Department requires a third course chosen from the following :
                  HU-5090 Special Topics: Humanities Group I
                        Special Topics in Humanities Group I may include but not be limited to:
                                    American Southern Writers
                                    American Women Writers
                                    American Poetry
                                    American Short Stories
                                    American Novels
                                    American Drama
                                    African-American Literature
                  HU-6090 Special Topics: Humanities Group II
                        Special Topics in Humanities Group II may include but not be limited to:
                                    American Art
                                    American Theatre History
*Please note that the Humanities Department will run at least one section of Special Topics from either Humanities Group I or Group II every academic year, with a number of such courses evolving into regularly offered American topic courses.
II. The Social Science Department:
A.    The Social Science Department requires two courses from the following:
               SS-3219 American History I: Origins to 1865
               SS-3220 American History II: 1865 to the Present
               SS-3211 American Maritime History                     
B.     The Social Science Department requires a third course chosen from the
            SS-3217 Vietnam and U.S. Policy
            SS-3218 Civil War and Reconstruction
            SS-3132 U.S. Foreign Policy since 1945

Director of the American Studies Minor: Dr. Kathryn Mudgett