Day 15, July 8, 2019

Blaak Street

Today we had the day off, free from academy plans. We had the day open to explore the city or take a train somewhere nearby, something some of the students took advantage of. A group of us work up to get breakfast at the hostel, and to make some plans for what we are going to do today. We had an email from Captain Pandey, providing us with some study material that would prepare us for tomorrow's Bimco Workshop. Before the evening we made plans to go through the slideshows that were sent to us.

Some of the students went to the Rotterdam zoo, which they all said was a great experience and they took plenty of pictures of the exhibits there. They got to see everything from lions and zebras to seals and dolphins. The rest of us took the day to explore the nearby markets, buy some souvenirs and walk around parts of the city we hadn't seen yet, there was still so much for us to see. After a few hours of this, we met up once again to get dinner at a local Italian restaurant that we have been frequenting. Tonight, would be an early night, as we had important plans early tomorrow morning at the Bimco Workshop at Erasmus University.