Day 16, July 9, 2019

Han and Pandy

The group had an early rise and an early tram ride out to Erasmus University for a Bimco Workshop. Today we would be sitting in on an all-day class style presentation on Charter Parties and our hosts experience in the Chartering business. Out hosts name was Han Van Blaken and is currently a high-ranking member of Bimco. We learned about subjects such as operation costs, chartering contracts, chartering legalities and even the sale and purchase of vessels. In addition to quite a bit of planned material, Han also talked much about his experience in the chartering market and how certain business practices can be successful/failures. The lecture lasted from 9am-4pm and was a wealth of information from an experienced member of the industry.  This workshop was very informative and helped us all understand the whole chartering process. After the lecture the group was rather exhausted and broke up into a few groups to get dinner. Most of the group went to Happy Italy down the road from the hostel, while the others got falafels from the Markethaal. I encouraged the group to get an early night today, in preparation for an important final day tomorrow. We have a meeting with the MEL Faculty at Erasmus, as well as an afternoon meeting with Vopak.

Bimco Workshop