Day 18, July 11, 2019

Market Interior

Thursday left us with an empty day to wrap up our adventures in Rotterdam. The group spent some time packing up and getting ready for an early departure tomorrow. After doing some work, I decided to rent a bike from the hostel and go for a ride around Rotterdam. About two miles into my ride, the chain snapped, and I was left stranded. I then had to walk the broken bike all the way back to the hostel. After deciding that a bike ride wasn't in my future, I went out for a bite to eat with some of the kids. We went to our favorite spot, Happy Italy, followed up by a visit to their favorite hangout spot, “Meat”. We spent a few hours talking and enjoying some food and drinks by the water. After a few hours we walked back to StayOkay and the group got ready for one last night out, all while I got settled into bed. We had to be on a train to Schiphol Airport by 930, but I was confident we would all be prepared.

group photo

tall building at marina