Day 19, July 12, 2019

Stay Ok looking  up at inner roof tops

The last day of our Dutch adventure had finally arrived. It was time to escort the students to the Schiphol Airport for their flight at 1400. We spent the morning finishing our packing and preparing for the train ride to the airport. There were many mixed emotions, as excited as they were to be back home, it was clear they were missing the last 3 weeks. We boarded the 0930 train in Blaak and arrived at the airport by 1015. After a few minutes, we had found where the students needed to check in. We took a few last group pictures, shook hands and I said thank you and goodbye to the students for an amazing, successful trip.

After I said my goodbyes, the students went through security and I was on my way back to Rotterdam Blaak. A short ride on the highspeed train brought me back in about 20 minutes. While walking back to the hostel, it felt as though Rotterdam was empty without its Boston Boys. The past 3 weeks have flown by and I feel truly privileged for the opportunity I was given during this trip. We are all so thankful for the opportunities given to us by Captain Pandey and we all learned so much in the past few weeks.