Day 8, July 2, 2019

Group photo at Maersk

Today was quite important to many of the students, as the company we were going to visit was none other than Mærsk. As the single largest container shipping company in the world, we were all very excited to pay them a visit. We joined Captain Pandey at 0930 for a walk-through Rotterdam to the tall office building that Mærsk operates in. In the midst of mostly small city buildings, Mærsk’s office building prominently stands taller than the surrounding area, in fact we were able to see our hostel from the offices.

The office was one of their LOC locations. LOC stands for Liner Operations Cluster, and essentially works to manage and correct problems when they occur. Our host’s name was Andres and he gave us a nice presentation on Mærsk’s container operations and gave us a tour around the office. We learned a lot about how Maersk’s manages its market share and how they optimize operations to remain the largest container shipping in the world. Some specific details we learned about are how Maersk combines some of the world’s largest container vessels with their smaller feeder vessels to service smaller ports. There is so much that takes place behind the scenes, and to get a glimpse into this is very interesting. We were able to speak to 5 other employees and hear what they do, how they got here, and what their background is. This was all a great learning opportunity and it was good to put the Mass Maritime name in front of such a prominent maritime company.