Day 9, July 3, 2019

Stage presentation at Erasmus University

At 0930 our group boarded the tram at Blaak station to travel to Erasmus University, we had a long day ahead of us. We arrived at a large building on campus and signed into the event. This event was a collection of industry professionals involved in areas such as unmanned shipping, Maritime contracts, Maritime law, and Captain Pandey himself spoke upon the topic of Arctic Shipping. One presentation I found particularly interesting was the panel discussion on the long-term future of shipping emissions. We have heard much about the industries shift towards LNG fueled vessels, but it was interesting to hear that the panelists are looking past that. Not only do they plan on reducing emissions per IMO 2020 standards, they even have the goal to be carbon neutral at the end of the century. This means a 100% reduction in emissions and seems like quite an ambitious goal. Our seminar started at 1000 and we were provided a very nice lunch at 1200. The lunch was a buffet style meal on the 17th floor of a nearby building on campus. After 30 minutes we wrapped up lunch and made our way back to the seminar room where we listened to the next few presentations. To finish up the day, guests were given the opportunity to stay for a presentation on platfomization, or blockchain technology. While the rest of the students remained in the current auditorium, I followed the other crown to learn some more about blockchain. The presentation was interesting, as it became very interactive since many of the guests were very interested/skeptical if the technology. There was some good discussion taking place between the guests and the host, even if some of the information was over my head. After the last few presentations we made our way to the tram and headed back to StayOkay for some rest. It was a very long day and I was very excited to lay down and take a breather. The group then made our way to dinner, where we split into two groups and got some Italian food.

NNPC 3 people on stage

scientific table for presentation