Giving Their All Because It's (Always) the Season

MMA at Hyannis Department of Community Services


LT Nehemiah Jordan (center) in Hyannis with some of the MMA CS contingent

During the holidays, we all think about those less fortunate, and how it is we might help. Yet need knows not day or night or season, it’s around every day of the year. It impacts the elderly, the sick, whole families, and most unfortunately, children.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s Community Service program led by 5 CO's Commanding Officer LT Nehemiah Jordan and the Regiment’s Community Service Officer, Braintree native 1/C Emily Mahoney (on the right above) is into helping, and in a big way this year with the program’s first ever visit to the Shriner’s Burn Center in Boston. The visit to Boston came about through wanting to visit a local hospital for children. Emily, LT Jordan and some 4C (freshman) cadets were able to go and have a pizza party for some of the children, children who spent their holiday in a hospital bed.

Another effort closer to home took them to the Department of Children and Families in Hyannis where the MMA team dropped off enough presents for 10 families. The money used to buy the presents comes from "Dress Down" days at the Academy, where cadets who choose to support the cause get to wear their "civvies" for the day!

Beyond the obvious benefits, however, direct contact with underserved individuals helps cadets involved in the community service program develop a broader sense of purpose within MMA’s "Learn-Do-Learn" leadership model. "There are many benefits to our cadets' participation.” Jordan says. “There are people who have never even heard of MMA before, so when they do through cadets giving back, that’s a great starting point to build these ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships.”

Jordan also believes there is something much greater at stake - something that could change the way MMA's cadets view and interact with those around them. “Someone has to own these problems; they see them, but everyone considers them someone else’s.” he says. “It takes real leadership to go out and challenge what many perceive as the way things are in order to make the world a better place, and that can start at MMA.”