One - of Only Two

EM Team w/ Dr. Cukor and Brian Connor

Recently, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health inspected the Academy’s Emergency Medical Service for recertification. This MMA Department is an integral part of one of only two transporting college EMS programs in the State. Success required compliance with over 100 standards for the ambulance and garaging: scores of service policies; up-to-date personnel files with EMT and CPR credentials and a thorough look at agreements with Tobey Hospital, Bourne Fire and Wareham Fire.  There was also a review of the electronic data that must be submitted after each response as well as the MMA quality assurance and quality improvement procedures.

The inspection took four hours and the Academy passed with flying colors. Recertification was granted for the maximum allowable time - 2 years. Credit for this considerable achievement goes to Facilities, the Commandants Office, Health Services, Public Safety, Trustee support and the Regiment. Although the program is guided by the Academy Physician, Dr. Jeffrey Cukor, he explained that, “Special credit really belongs to the current EMT members and officers of Maritime EMS. In addition to preparing for the inspection, they have covered emergency on call shifts at night, worked details with athletics, participated in open houses, orientation, the DCF picnic, and other public service events in Bourne. They have also helped launch and are serving as teaching assistants for a current EMT Course on campus with 21 students enrolled.” 

2/C Emma Sullivan, a 2016 graduate of Weymouth High School, (Weymouth MA), is the current Executive Director for the EMS. She will graduate from the Academy in 2020 with a degree in Emergency Management and Homeland Security and hopes to work with either state or federal law enforcement.

“It is incredibly rewarding to have had an active part in serving the campus community. We've done what very few other college students can say they've done, run a self-sufficient emergency medical service. The recent State Inspection is the first of many future accomplishments,” Sullivan reported.

Similar sentiments were echoed by 1/C Jeff Perez, EMS Director of Public, Relations. Perez is also a Weymouth High grad (2014). As An Emergency Management Management major, he hopes to work as a firefighter/paramedic or emergency planner for Boston Hospitals after graduation.  “I’ve grown up as an EMT with MMA EMS.  It’s been humbling to see my skills as a provider sharpen and the program grow into what it is today.  As a group, Maritime EMS has always set high standards for itself.  Seeing the State recognize that was really exciting and reaffirms our commitment to always keep growing and contributing,” Perez stated.