Our Unmatched Return On Investment Pays Off Big

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In a higher education landscape that is rife with stories of young people who've gained a lifetime of debt from their four years at college, MMA has once again appeared on some important regional and national lists for the 2020-21 academic year. Based on many different factors, and taking into account the vastly different nature of many of the colleges included in the rankings, the Academy holds up well in the categories that matter most to students and families who are looking for 1) a top notch education that 2) delivers great value and return on the four year investment with 3) opportunities that will afford them earning power throughout their careers.

Add to that what's occurred over the past seven months as colleges and families have had to scramble in order to deal with a new reality that may very well be here for some time. As a result, the term value is no longer relative as it pertains to what colleges tell you they can actually deliver to its students. Value is 100% hard wired into the equation for today and the future...you've got it or you don't, period. And as those same colleges continue to grapple with just what it is they're now trying to deliver, or if they'll actually survive the pandemic, MMA remains confident in its abilities to not only survive, but to continue to thrive during these most uncertain times.

US News and World Report

#4.     Top Public Schools (Regional Colleges North)

#5.     Best Regional Colleges (North)

#6.     Best Value Schools (Regional Colleges North)

#33.   Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs (schools w/out doctorates)

#43.   Top Performers on Social Mobility

(Time) Money Magazine

#5.     Best Small Colleges in the Country

#8.     50 Best Colleges You Can Actually Get Into

#14.   50 Most Transformative Colleges

#24.   50 Best Public Colleges

#36.   In the Nation

#43.   50 Best Colleges for Engineering Majors