Quintessential Buccaneers

In some ways they’re no different than their MMA classmates, with their uniforms in closets and their classes on line. But in other, very important ways, these cadets have found they are now very different. Attached to the Onset Fire Department as a part of the Academy’s “Learn Do Learn” academic regimen, they’re now taking 24 hour shifts at the firehouse. During what is easily the biggest reality check of their young lives where every call, no matter how routine is treated as life threatening, these first responders are learning life's real lessons.

Developed through MMA’s Emergency Management (EM) Department Chair, Professor Tom Lennon and OFD’s Chief Raymond Goodwin, the partnership between the Onset Fire Department and MMA is not even a decade old. Within this time however, it has become a much sought after, highly selective program that immerses EM majors in front line EMT and firefighting roles. The course is an avenue through which cadets interested in first response will get the necessary training through a wide range of Emergency Management procedures. From developing Incident Action Plans from real emergency calls, to using the Incident Command System training modules for emergency and long term events, the cadets have created four binders full of information that reflects their real world experiences. And for seniors like MMA Regimental 1st Battalion Commander Connor Finerty, who’s nearing the end of his MMA career, daily life has become a capstone project playing out within COVID-19 parameters.