Office of Academic Affairs

Strategic Goal 

Maintain the highest quality and integrity for our entire academic program, both credit and non-credit, graduate and undergraduate. The FTE instructional staff to student headcount ratio is to be maintained at no greater than 13.5 to 1. 

Strategic Rationale 

Providing quality education with a significant growth in undergraduate enrollment has been a challenge. Hiring properly credentialed seasoned sea going faculty and non-seagoing faculty has become more of a challenge. We are fortunate to find part-time instructors who bring first hand pertinent expertise to the classroom. The Academy is now confronted with revisiting the concept of Full-Time Temp faculty to meet the growing needs. Linked directly to the growth in enrollment are challenges of managing enrollment by major. 2014-2015 will require curriculum reviews and modifications to existing programs that no longer allow cadets in non-license majors to participate in a sea term. Admission requirements for specific majors (ME, MT and ESE) must now be adopted for the September 2015 incoming class.