Office of Marine Operations

Strategic Goal

The Academy, under the direction of Division of Marine Operations, seeks to make maximum utilization of the large investment in maritime assets received through purchases and donations, as well as the management of the federally-loaned T.S. Kennedy. The Division’s Marine Department and Yacht and Boat Donations Program maintains an inventory of over 100 vessels and over 15 forms of rolling equipment to sustain their operations, as well as floating equipment such as docks and moorings. The proper management of these assets is critical to the delivery of services to our cadets and continuing education students.

Strategic Rationale

In order to properly manage the sustainability of maritime assets, there must be a mechanism to determine the effective use, and to measure the cost of such operations against the academic and student services advancement made through the use of those assets. Routinely the Division of Marine Operations (Training Ship Department) will coordinate with the US Department of Transportation Maritime Administration on annual maintenance budgets and bi-annual dry-dock specifications of the T.S. Kennedy, and will liaison with the US Coast Guard on annual safety inspections.