Our Faculty in the News

Dr. Laurel Goulet:  In May this year, Dr. Goulet became the recipient of a top honour for the best exercise award at the annual Experiential Learning Association conference, held in conjunction with the Eastern Academy of Management in Wilmington, DE. Her experiential exercise and paper entitled "I don't believe I have any special privilege: A two-part exercise to reduce student resistance to the concept of white privilege" was selected as the best exercise of the year. More of Dr. Goulet's powerful and compelling research on leadership and training has marked her stellar career in academia which has previously supported the US Coast Guard Academy and now Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  

Dr. Cpt. Ashok Pandey: The International Maritime Business Unit at MMA has its own master mariner and ship captain as part of the faculty. Yes, Dr. Ashok Pandey is experienced with Port Operations, Shipboard Management, Maritime Transportation at all levels and teaches courses such as vessel chartering and brokerage, among other areas where he is expert. Dr. Pandey has also a devotion to research. His most recent conference being one where he presented a paper that is recorded in the Journal of Ocean Technology. The topic presented by Dr. Pandey at the conference was, 'Tactical Voyage Planning on Ice using e-Navigation' which of course is not surprising seeing that Dr. Pandey is really a real-life hero of the sea who has challenged 50-foot waves during his sea-career. We could easily call him Captain Ice, having spent two decades navigating ice shipping routes. The MMA, IMB Unit is fortunate to have such a rich and diverse experienced body of faculty who come with industry connections, experience and a wealth of constantly growing, cutting-edge knowledge. Dr. Pandey also delivered a riveting inaugural lecture for the IMB Center Lecture Series.

Friendships and Collaborations with Faculty From Other Maritime Schools: On 9 and 10 May 2018, Mr. Ira Breskin, the author of The Business of Shipping book 9th ed., a legacy book that is over 30 years old, visited the MMA academy and spent some time with the staff and students of the International Maritime Business unit introducing his book. Mr. Bresking had Engineer, Bob Martens who has sailed with the TS Kennedy for many years. Mr. Breskin is faculty at SUNY Maritime, where he teaching Maritime History and Economics.

Mr Bob Martens in a Polo Touring The Engineering Department at MMA with Mr Ira Breskin

Dr. Ani Dasgupta: Serves on the Promotions Committee at MMA. In 2015, he gave a talk at Boston University Economics department titled, “Recruiting Games: Deadlines, Standing Offers, and Top-Down Clearance”. He wrote a research paper titled, “Creative Goods: Does the Market Create an Oversupply of Novelists?” He was invited to teach a Ph.D. course in Microeconomics at Northeastern University in Fall of 2014. In addition, he taught a course in Core Econometrics at Boston University Master’s program in Spring 2015 and one on Advanced Topics in Econometrics in Fall 2014. He also serves as a statistical consultant to train some of the analysts at Spinnaker LLC, a consulting company with clients spread across 65 countries. His newest literary project has been to translate into English a series of poems by the foremost living poet in Bengali, Sankha Ghosh, with the poet himself having formally approved of the project last August. Dr. Dasgupta serves as an organizer for a Creative Writer’s Meetup Group in the Plymouth area. At MMA, he continues to serve as the faculty advisor of the Business/Investment Club.

Dr. Bani Ghosh: Dr. Madhubani (Bani) Ghosh is a founding member of the department and has served MMA since 2000. Besides advising a large number of students in the Department, she teaches Organization Management, Macroeconomics for Business, Business Ethics and Negotiation and International Business and Ocean Shipping. Dr. Ghosh has served as the sea term coordinator for the department and currently serves as the Experiential Learning coordinator. She also worked closely with the Career Services department to secure placement opportunities for graduating students. She represented the IMB Major in several Open Houses organized by MMA Admissions department. She also served as a member of the All College Committee and Curriculum Committee. Dr. Ghosh has  presented several papers at the Annual General Assemblies of IAMU, the latest being in Japan in November 2019. She also coordinated several IMB student teams to attend the IAMU conference where their papers and presentations bagged top honors.  Her most significant responsibility during 2014-15 was to lead the IACBE accreditation initiative for the IMB department. The IMB undergraduate program received IACBE accreditation in December 2014. She is also instrumental in conceptualizing and introducing the IMB Experiential Learning program that takes students to different maritime hubs around the world, gaining cultural and practical exposure to the business of shipping in a global perspective.

Bani and Paul green hills in background

Dr. Portia Ndlovu: Faculty member, Dr. Ndlovu earned IMO certifications that not only can be applied to industry but can also be passed on to others as a certified industry person able to train others in such skills. The training is to be done under the auspices of an accredited maritime education institution. MMA cadets and industry globally stand to benefit from such faculty certifications, training and experience. Certificate of Training Internal Auditor - IMO MSC/MEPC. 7/Circ. 8. Maritime Institute of Technology & Graduate Studies (MITAGS) - Pacific Maritime Institute, License 73024. Certificate of Training Incident Investigation - IMO MSC/MEPC. 7/Circ. 7. Maritime Institute of Technology & Graduate Studies - Pacific Maritime Institute, License 74238. Certificate of Training Introduction to Assessment - STCW 95 IMO Model Course 3.12 & NVIC 4-01, USCG's Manual for Conducting Mariner Assessments MITAGS, License 74176. Dr. Ndlovu has presented at MMA titled, "Why equality for women is progress for all" as part of the United Nations International Women's Day and has attended several conferences on maritime education and training. Dr. Ndlovu has also presented at a local conference for women as one of the pioneering female professors in the shipping industry.  

More of Dr. Ndlovu's Academic Publications

Dr. Portia Ndlovu with 3 female cadets at women seminar 

Dr. Paul Szwed: The last three years have been extremely fruitful for members of the faculty in the IMB department, in the news, we celebrate the last three years of Professor Szwed by looking at some of his notable activities and career highlights. This past year, he offered an entirely online version of the supply chain management course and has become a member of Quality Matters, a nationally-recognized consortium of faculty devoted to the improvement of online courses through professional development, peer review, and best practices. This year, he will also begin to teach Transportation Operations Management. He also was involved in the design and assessment of IMB co-op experiences and reports. Dr. Szwed advised 28 students, served as the IMB web administrator, and oversaw IMB assessment of student learning. He serves on the Academy’s Curriculum Committee and the campus-wide Committee on Assessment. He was elected to and currently serves as the President of the Eastern Academy of Management. He also was selected as the founding Editor of a new section called Case Stories for the Maritime Economist magazine. Dr. Szwed completed his sponsored research for the Project Management Institute and his monograph of expert judgment will be published this year. He is collaborating with international scholars from Japan and Greece in developing a Maritime International Exchange (MIX) program for enhancing cultural competency for maritime students and seafarers. He was invited to the Workshop on Maritime Academic Resources in Belgium to advance the MIX program. He also presented four papers collectively at the International Association of Maritime Universities general assembly, the Eastern Academy of Management annual conference, and the International Association of Colleges for Business Education annual conference this past year. He is a certified Project Management Professional® and contributed to the Project Management Institute, in part, by reviewing research grant proposals.

More of Dr. Szwed's Academic Publications

Dr. Shu Tian: IMBU Faculty are strong team players, each with a crucial contribution to the department and the Academy in general. The focus of IMB faculty news at this time is on Dr. Shu Tian. Dr. Tian's contribution to the accreditation process supporting department chair, Dr. Bani Ghosh, is but one of the highlights of the last three years of invaluable service to the IMBU.  Dr. Shu Tian developed and taught a new course in Business Data Analysis which has replaced the statistics course for IMB students in the fall 2014 semester. She continues to teach this course next fall. In addition she taught courses in Accounting I, Business Computing, Business Data Analysis, and Principles of Finance during the academic year, she graded the Co-op projects that the IMB students submitted after their winter internships. She is currently upgrading the course notes for Business Computing. Dr. Tian worked with other members of the IMB Department to prepare for the IACBE accreditation team visit in September 2014, and the IMB program was approved for accreditation in December 2014. She participated in the IMB alongside Event in January and the IMB Welcome Aboard in May 2015. She attended the IMB Advisory Board Meeting in June 2015. She served on the Student Affairs Committee for the 2014-2015 academic year. Dr. Tian also attended a workshop entitled “Preparing an Effective Self-Study and Site Visit Preparation” at the IACBE conference held in San Diego, California.

Dr. Shu Tian