Why IMB?

  • Ability to work in multiple industries
  • Study abroad connections
  • Hands-on internships
  • Faculty with first-hand knowledge in the field
  • Provides background for law school, MBA or doctorate degrees

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Target Industries

  • Freight Forwarding & Brokerage
  • International Finance & Banking
  • Marine Insurance
  • Inter-modal Transportation (Rail, Road, Air, Sea)
  • Maritime Shipping 
  • Global Logistics (Warehousing & Supply Chain Management)
  • Ship Chartering
  • Port/Terminal Operations

Our Students in the News

March 2017
The prestigious Maritime Executive magazine caught up with MMA cadet students and told a bit of their story as New "Future Leaders" with notable initiatives and energy to offer the industry under the guidance of the best in the shipping community. A proud partnership once again reinforced bewteen industry and the special mission education initiatives of Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

The Full Story

Group of cadets speaking to Maritime Executive magazine representatives

November 2016
Coalition of New England Companies for Trade is an important coalition in shipping and trade nationally and internationally. This year, selected IMB student, Enrico Pizozza Jr, proudly represented the MMA at the Coalition of New England Companies for Trade event held on 10 November as this year's Northeast Cargo Symposium.  'There were four sessions in which speakers spoke; they spoke about the PGA Status Report in session one, the Complete Trade Policy update in session two, the Shipping Alliance Update and Ocean Freight Market Review in session 3, and they talked about Driving Innovation and Collaboration in session 4,' as reported by Picozza who also had the opportunity not only to entertain the delegates and attendees  with piano but also had an opportunity to network, meeting many freight forwarders, importers, exporters, logistic providers, ocean carriers/ agents, and port authorities.

Enrico Pizozza Jr speaks to a man at celebration

November 2016
Guess who was in the presence of a living legend? MMA: Ms Olivia Hussey writes, “On Thursday, November 10th 2016, myself, Olivia Hussey, and other shipmates, Lyndon Flores,  Mark Wiggins, Trevor Sanders, Christopher Tarvanese and Dr. Portia Ndlovu hopped in a Bucc Van at 0500 and drove to SUNY Maritime, New York.  Dressed in our dress blues we started off the day by hearing a panel of the maritime industry’s elite discuss piracy in the maritime industry today. One person that stood out to me on this panel was Captain Richard Philips. Captain Philips played a key role in the 2009 hijacking of the U.S Container ship MAERSK when he, after observing the pirate boats headed his way, Phillips used his radio to fake a call to the U.S. Navy. He disguised his voice to play the role of the Navy responder, hoping that the incoming pirates would overhear the communication and believe that assistance was on the way. It worked and the pirate mothership and two of its accompanying speedboats turned back. It was a tremendous honor getting to speak with this man and hearing the first-hand account of a Somali Pirates attack.”

Captain Richard Philips with Portia and 6 others

November 2016
Top Marine Insurance course MMA 2015 student, Megan O’Brien, now Associate Account Executive – Ocean Marine at a top insurance brand and company, Travelers, returned to the very class she was once a student to talk about marine insurance. O’Brien, by example, left the class inspired to pursue their dreams in the business world while reminding them to find ways of giving back. We thank Travelers Ocean Marine for this excellent educational partnership. From left to right, Megan O'BrienPortia Ndlovu (PhD)Travis Ochowicz.

Megan O'Brien, Portia Ndlovu (PhD), Travis Ochowicz.

October 2016
IMB Students Make Strong Showing at MMA's First Entry in IACBE Regional Business Case Competition! IMB students Miles Macuch, Myles McAlpine, Mikayla Correia, and Enrico Picozza (as pictured) made our school and faculty proud on 13 October 2016. The students competed at Dean College in Franklin, MA in the annual IACBE regional business case competition. It was the first time the IMB department sent a team of our students to participate in this competition. Each team is given a business ethics case upon arrival and have four hours to analyze the industry, company, and issues; prepare and practice for a presentation in front of a panel of judges and the assembled audience. Their hard work paid off. The IMB team placed above the veteran team of returning champs from Elms College and teams from five other schools for a extremely close second place finish behind a talented team from Springfield College (who will represent New England at the national competition in March). In fact, with the IMB student team's strong showing, they were invited to compete at the national competition in an at-large bid. They have set the bar high for future IMB teams. Please congratulate these students and Dr. Szwed who supported and monitored this IMB endeavor. The team thanks greatly all those who supported their efforts and practice leading up to this competition.

3 male cadets and 1 female all in blacks

July 2016
Following a ballast water publication, some IMB students egged on by Dr. Ndlovu started an informal campus wide working group on ballast water, as a trending issue that needs special consideration especially in the USA. Professor Bausch III, John J, who has tremendous expert knowledge on managing ballast water, is also involved together with students from different disciplines. This group draws from regulators and industry as well, with an intention to create an educational platform a self-sustaining electronic resource that can create a maritime voice on ballast water matters.  This knowledge sharing group allows the school to make useful policy recommendation on relevant issues while taking into account, the law, engineering, port time and the expenses that go into managing ballast water and protecting the environment. The CSL Group, American office in Massachusetts, hosted a ship visit arranged by Leah Burns, a current CSL intern. Pictured here, from left to right, is Kevin Begley who ran an exceptional presentation, with tremendous patience to teach on rather complex systems, Andrew Balmaceda, IMB, Leah Burns, MSEP and Dr. Ndlovu, IMB. MMA is grateful for CSL in allowing this visit and its support of MMA and the IMB's commitment to partnerships with industry in maritime education in order to produce well prepared graduates.

Kevin Begley, Andrew Balmaceda, Leah Burns, and Dr. Portia Ndlovu

June 2016
Experiential learning abroad this summer is being conducted in a partnership between the MMA, Liverpool John Moore’s University and the University College of Southeast Norway (HSN). Students from the three institutions will be part of this experiential learning project. The aim of the program is to bring together future leaders to develop a shared knowledge and understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the maritime industry and to network at an international level. Making students from three different countries work on joint projects will enhance the ability to work on cross-cultural communication skills, teamwork skills and business culture skills. This will help them become better global workforce members later. Here is the first group that will be embarking on this exceptional experience. Pictured here is the Liverpool IMB group with Dr. Bani Ghosh who has been instrumental in setting up this tremendous maritime collaboration.

Liverpool IMB group with Dr. Bani Ghosh

May 2016
Graduating the class of 2016 is incomplete without the annual 'Hello & Goodbye Party 2016' of the IMB department, open to all at the MMA. As usual, Dr. Bani Ghosh single handedly cooked astonishing dishes. Best performing students were given awards, the new Department Chair, Dr. Paul Szwed was welcomed after a standing ovation was given to the incumbent Department Chair, Dr. Ghosh. The IMB department in a para-military school is a serious business however after some songs from students, staff and the President, it became clear that the IMB department is an educational family that takes their work and contribution to the academy very seriously but that element of being a happy national and global maritime family does not go away.

 Bani in Pink with a male student

May 2016
Open house at MMA is an occasion for all to get an opportunity to see and experience some of the unique attributes of the school and the programs that are offered. Open house was a success once again in 2016 especially in the IMB department. Students used this opportunity to hear directly from highly qualified faculty, they asked questions and interacted with students and their student leader rates. After a series of presentations, smiles and cheers accompanied with excitement were easy to see in those who attended. Excellence, special training, special skills and a proud legacy was celebrated by all in attendance.

Sidewiew of students presenting in class ABS104

May 2016
The IMB department hosted a guest lecturer, the inspirational, Summa Cum Laude graduate and alumnus of the MMA Academy, Musa Pam, MBA. Musa Pam is the Founder & CEO at Plateau Asset Management, a successful entity where his passion for team building, leadership, sustainability, cross-functional team leadership, innovation, giving back, strategic planning, positive activism around issues of health come alive and successfully so. Students were given an electrical and challenging presentation that made them  think more seriously and practically about what they would like to see for themselves in near future of their working life. Musa Pam asked some very challenging questions to students. He allowed them to think analytically while rewarding those who were able to successfully answer some of his questions. The IMB department was benefitted greatly by this guest lecture and some students were able to obtain some training and internship opportunities thanks to the generosity of Musa Pam and his company.

Musa Pam in front of class

May 2016
Title 46 of the Code of Federal Regulations, the shipping code, volume 9, part IV sets out the duties and functions of one of the most important bodies in the US shipping world, the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). Commissioner Doyle of the US FMC guest lectured on pertinent issues facing the US economy and shipping. Commissioner Doyle brought incredible skill and background in his presentation. IMB students were able to get a myriad of their questions answered in a practical manner.  Commissioner Doyle was also able to deal with questions of shipping alliances and how the US deals with those, including the type of conditions it has imposed on some of the proposed alliances. Once again, a very practical shipping education with direct links to industry and government is demonstrated by the IMB department with this and other similar visits.

speaker in red tie at the front of the class

April 2016
Valeria Surkovaitė has continued to proudly represent the MMA Academy and the IMB program exceptionally. Not only did she place top at the 2016 CMA conference as a paper presenter but she was also awarded both the CMA scholarship for 2016 and the prestigious Senator Chafee Memorial Scholarship at the Coalition of New England Companies for Trade (CONECT) conference in Newport, RI.

Valeria Surkovaitė at podium

March 2016
Every year, IMB students attend the Conneticut Maritime Association's (CMA) conference. The CMA is a non-profit organization built by its members representing every aspect of shipping and international trade. One of the highlights of the conference is the annual CMA and CMA Education Foundation's "Student's Research Presentations" competition. This competition invites entries from all maritime colleges, universities and programs. This prestigious competition has publication and cash prize awards. This year Valeria Surkovaitė, a student in the IMB program at MMA, took third place walking away from the competition a thousand dollars richer and having contributed to maritime research. This exceptional paper on shipping companies and their corporate social responsibility is available for public viewing on the CMA's website.

Portia, Bani, Paul and Valeria Surkovaitė

March 2016
The Massachusetts Maritime Academy and its IMB unit continues to benefit from invaluable business relationships with industry. Pictured here are IMB students, Mitchell Corr, Christopher Digerolamo and  Andrew Zaccardi who benefitted from an internship opportunity offered by APL. This opportunity was made possible through the efforts of IMB Advisory Board member, Chris Volkle, an alumnus of MMA and someone engaged in helping to prepare the next generation of maritime industry role players. Concerned with legacy, high quality education, experiential learning and the future of the industry, Chris Volkle has said, "I am working with MMA both as a liaison and as a volunteer – liaison in that I manage the intern program we have with MMA in both our Rockville, Maryland Fleet Operations office and our North America HQ office in Scottsdale, Arizona (we take three interns twice a year at each location for a total of 12 internships annually).  On the volunteer side, I am on the MMA IMB Advisory Board and the MMA Career Services Advisory Board, and I work with MMA representative Elizabeth Stevenson and one or two of the cadets on a couple of committees of the MARAD-sponsored industry organization; Ship Operations Cooperative Program."

 IMB students, Mitchell Corr, Christopher Digerolamo and  Andrew Zaccardi

October 2015
The IMB cadets have had plenty to celebrate in October and this story is a true picture of that glee. One of the most important aspects of education which the business department values greatly is to enable students go out into the business world where they can apply their knowledge and skills, turning what they know into meaningful commercial activity.  These are cadets who have graduated through the program and are now actively participating in the business of shipping. They are pictured here with legendary retired Professor of chartering and brokerage, Professor Charles Norz who has been instrumental in being that connection between education and the business world, ensuring that cadets who were prepared for the shipping world, were also hired. 

Professor Norz made a trip to Stamford on 29 October so that the cadets pictured here could  thank him for everything he has done for them and to wish him good luck in his retirement. From left to right: Alex Ziemba 08' - Poten and Partners, Ben Terra 04' - Diamond S Shipping, Derek Damon 15' - Gemini Tankers, Mark Mozelak 09' (MENG) - Pleiades Shipping, Howie Hayes 09' - Diamond S Shipping, Eric LaRosee 08' - Louis Dreyfus Commodities, Diana Cabrol (Kurek) 14' - Charles R. Weber Company, Jeff Lacasse 11' - John F. Dillon & Co., James Nguyen 15' - MJLF & Associates, Ian Underwood 15' - Poten and Partners, Matt Sylvia 13' - Scorpio Tankers, Sarkis Nahigian 11' - Odin Marine Group. Not pictured: Andrew Semesjuk 04’ – Odin Marine Group, Greg Kurantowicz 04’ – Axeon Specialty Products, John Bentley 05’ – Morgan Stanley, Alex Foley 08’ – Trafigura AG, Nick Hartt 10’ – BTG Pactual Commodities, Dan Schildt 06’ – M.T. Maritime Management, Matt Durette 04’ – Scorpio Tankers

Group of cadets at Professor Norz's retirement dinner

October 2015
Career Fair 2015 at MMA was a tremendous success as expected. The energy level at this year's career fair was once again electric. The fair is an opportunity for employers to showcase their companies to attract top maritime talent. Many of our students are able to attend interviews and obtain placements as the career statistics over the years often show. Spotted this year's fair as the poster child of award winning Canadian Steamship Lines is former IMB student, Jonathan White.

.Student CSL helmet and Bani with keys

October 2015
IMB students greatly benefitted from presentations made by visiting speaker Carleen Lyden-Kluss CEO of Morgan Marketing & Communications, Co-Founder & Executive Director of NAMEPA. Carleen is also the press officer for WISTA. IMBU students and faculty were honored to glean wisdom and moving advice from Carleen who has, together with her teams, made a serious impact on the North American marine environmental scene as well as a marketing genius driving causes to sustain the shipping industry. Pictured here with Carleen Clyden-Kluss are Academic Dean of MMA, Capt. Brad Lima, NAMEPA's Maritime Academies Coordinator, James Spear and Admiral Francis McDonald, president of MMA.

Brad 2 people and Admiral Fran

October 2015
IMB Business of Shipping students attended a day of ship finance training with Scorpio Tankers. The students travelled with faculty member, Dr. Ndlovu to NYC to spend the day following the day to day finance activities of a shipping company. The educational partnership with the company proved invaluable as the students were able to interact with those who have actively used shipping principles to create successful business for themselves. The topics that were discussed included, chartering, ship finance and environmental compliance.

people in an office speaking

October 2015
Our IMB students Hugh Largey, Peter Owen and Karina Pena-Seda attended the IAMU conference in Opatija, Croatia and made a winning paper being selected among the best papers from around the globe. They are pictured here with their faculty, Dr. Bani Ghosh and Dr. Paul Szwed.

Dr. Bani Ghosh, Hugh Largey, Peter Owen, Karina Pena-Seda, and Dr. Paul Szwed

October 2015 
This year, IMB cadets and their faculty member Dr. Ndlovu, travelled to the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS), and the Pacific Maritime Institute (PMI) in order to attend 2015 North American World Maritime Day. Advisory Board member to the IMBU of American President Lines (APL), Chris Volkle was instrumental in assisting cadets to attend this auspicious occasion. The cadets are pictured here with 25th Commmandant of the US Coast Guard, Admiral Paul Zukunft.

Cadets with Admiral Paul Zukunft

September 2015 
This fall season in Buzzards Bay, was marked by the launch of the WISTA USA, New England Chapter, spearheaded by Dr. Elizabeth Stevenson of MMA and her local supporting team. WISTA is an organization that brings together women in shipping particularly those in management roles. WISTA also recognizes that current cadets, students, graduates and trainees of the maritime industry are the future of this organization. WISTA often opens its doors on the educational and information sharing front to aspiring or younger people who aim to have careers in the maritime industry so that when they are in management roles, they too may become members of WISTA. The WISTA USA, New England Chapter is well positioned to attract interest from a maritime academic environment like the MMA as well as creating a much needed platform of interaction for women in the New England area.

Rob and women staff, female cadets, Kennedy in background

May 2015 
CONECT Scholarships for IMB cadets are a cause to celebrate our top achievers in the program. 

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May 2015 
Mr. Brian Harrington, EVP and Chief Marketing officer of Zipcar provides a very interesting lecture on Organization Management to the students of the IMB program on May 22, 2015.
May 2015  
In the ethos of benefiting from educational partnerships with organizations such as the USCG, our IMB cadets attended attended a tour of Sector Southeastern New England to learn about the practical aspects of their Regulatory Compliance in International Maritime Business course. The tour was run by LTJG Cropley and CDR Mike Fazio, the Deputy Staff Judge Advocate of the District.
May 2015 
Welcome Aboard IMB students! Cadets who are admitted to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy go through various paces to gain admission and that on its own is a great accomplishment.  Cadets who have chosen to be part of the International Maritime Business Unit (IMB) were welcomed in a special way during this year's 'Welcome Aboard,' event held on 16 May 2015. The cadets were introduced to some IMB Faculty, freshmen, upper classmen and IMB Rates. They were able to hear more about the business program from the perspectives of all who make the IMB department great. There were also cadet alumni who drove from various States to give perspective, advice and guidance to the new class before their studies commence. The alumni shared insight on making the best of the program. They also shared insight on opportunities available after graduation. Most importantly they left the new cadets with an important question to ask themselves and that is: 'What do I want out of this major and the MMA IMB experience?' The Alumni who gave presentations were, Alexander D. MerzDiana Carbol and Robert Bancroft.
May 2015 

Every year, the Massachusetts Maritime Academy holds a Hello and Goodbye party as a send-off for senior graduating cadets of the International Maritime Business Unit (IMB). This year was no different. On 12 May 2015, an afternoon off song, dance, wonderful Indian cuisine and delicious desserts was  hosted by the IMB department. The party celebrated incoming Business major Rates and also held an awards ceremony for best performing cadets in the program. This year, the event was particularly special because it was an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the legacies of retiring members of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Prof. Charlie Norz who has been with the Academy for 16 years and Rear Admiral Richard. Gurnon, the outgoing President of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Pictured here are Prof. Charlie Norz,  Rear Admiral Richard Gurnon and  Rear Admiral Francis McDonald, the new President of Massachusetts Maritime Academy. 

Pres Fran, admiral Rick and 1 other  
April 2015 
Capt. Christian Volkle, MMA’81, Operations and Regulatory Compliance Manager, APL Maritime, visited the IMB Department and delivered an excellent presentation on APL Maritime and career opportunities at the Kurz IMB Center at 12:30 PM on Thursday, 4/23. APL Maritime has been a strong supporter of the IMB Program at MMA.
April 2015


April 2015  
Ten of our cadets were invited as guests and job market candidates by the Mariners Club of Massachusetts on 2 April 2015. The event was held at the John Joseph Moakley Courthouse in Boston featuring topics such as:  

  1.  A view from the marine insurance claims professional.
  2. A view from industry leaders representing various lines of marine insurance.
  3. A view from The Academy. (By Rear Admiral, R. Gurnon, President of MMA)
  4. A view from the plaintiff's bar.
  5. A view from the bench. (By Hon. W.G. Young, US District Court of MA)

The event represented a balanced approach to matters around the industry and gave the cadets an opportunity to know how to use the vehicle of maritime education and training to find their own place in a specialist industry such as the marine insurance industry.

October 2014  
IMB seniors John Gallagher, Ian Underwood and Justin Vieira presented their paper at the IAMU competition in Tasmania and won one of the top three slots in the student competition.

June 2014 
Matthew Durette '04 is awarded outstanding IMB graduate at awards luncheon at MMA birthday on June 11. Matt is a Charter at Scorpio USA, which owns and/or operates a fleet of modern product tankers.     

June 2014 
IMB Hello and Goodbye party held on June 3 aboard T/S Kennedy. This is an opportunity for us to greet freshman coming into the major, seniors headed off to their new careers, acknowledge accomplishments, enjoy cadet and faculty performances, and indulge in a tremendous spread of Indian food prepared by Prof. Bani Ghosh, chair of the IMB department.

June 2014 
Cadets from MMA and exchange cadets from Dalian and Shanghai Maritime Academy and faculty and staff from around campus spend the afternoon of 4 June in the fantail at a Chinese immersion cultural event that was themed Spring Festival and traditional Chinese Wedding. Student performances, games, and activities were enjoyed by all - and a selection of traditional chinese food was also shared.      
April 2014
Angela Chao, Deputy Chairman of Foremost Group, spoke at the Academy to discuss the growth of Foremost Group and her involvement in the company.

April 2014 
Cadets Raquel Salas '14 and Michaela Garrity '14 are awarded scholarships by the Coalition of New England Companies for Trade (CONECT). 

April 2014 
Students attend CMA Conference.  

March 2014 
IMB students Michaela Garrity '14, Jacob Soifert '14, and Hannah Jette '14 attend APL senior management meeting in Baltimore, MD after serving as interns at the shipping company. 

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March 2014 
IMB student Courtney Collins '16 attends Women's International Shipping and Trade Association (WISTA) luncheon. 

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March 2014 
Our students (including most of the Class of 2014 and our Chinese exchange students from Dalian and Shanghai) attend the Connecticut Maritime Association annual shipping conference and trade show in Stamford, Connecticut. IMB student John Gallagher '15 reflects on his experience. 

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March 2014 
IMB student Diana Kurek '14 translates internship at Charles R. Weber into job. 

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February 2014 
IMB graduate Jack Gomes '12 shares his thoughts on life after MMA. 

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October 2013 
​IMB students Andrew Barbato '14, Kelsie Brien '14, and Diana Kurek '14 presented a paper on the viability of transhipment at the International Association of Maritime Universities in Constanta, Romania. IAMU Chair, Prof. Cornel Panait and IAMU Executive Secretary, Takeshi Nakazawa (center) presented them with best presentation award.  

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