Parking Regulations

Both on and off campus parking for students costs $195 per year. 

On campus permits will be available on a first come first served basis: 

  • Seniors and commuters may purchase on-campus parking decals
  • Juniors may purchase LotC and NMLC parking decals
  • Sophomores may purchase off-campus parking decals
  • Freshmen non-commuters are not permitted to purchase decals at this time. 

Apply and pay for your permit before visiting the Public Safety office between 0900-1530 hours Monday-Friday:

  1. Login to Self Service 
  2. Choose Student Finance
  3. Scroll to the miscelaneous items section
  4. Click on the parking decal option
  5. Fill in all required fields
  6. Submit and pay



If you believe you should have access to a different lot than available in Self Service, contact the Help Desk at

Parking regulations are in effect 24 hours a day seven days a week. At all times, all vehicles parked on campus or in an MMA off campus parking lot must have a valid properly displayed decal or a temporary parking pass issued by MMA Campus Police. All parking decals must be permanently affixed to the vehicle it is registered to.  Decals taped on, laminated, or placed on the dashboard of a vehicle are subject to ticketing as the decal will be considered improperly displayed. Violations of Academy parking regulations will result in the assessment of a fine (all fines collected support student scholarships).  The registered owner will be held responsible for parking fines.  In addition, if the student is not the registered owner and has accrued multiple fines, the student’s diploma will not be released until fines are paid in full.  Repeated failure to comply with parking regulations may result in an immobility device being placed on the vehicle, loss of campus driving/parking privileges, and possible violations of Chapter 3 of the Regimental Manual.

  • Maximum speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour.
  • Mechanical repairs to vehicles are not allowed in campus parking lots.
  • All vehicles must be in compliant with the issued state registration requirements.  Vehicles not in compliant will be towed at owner’s expense.
  • Permits may be revoked for alcohol violations, littering, and/ or causing disturbances on Academy owned or leased property and surrounding areas.
  • Cadet vehicles are prohibited from parking in staff parking areas.  Staff parking areas include the Beachmoor lot, along the Cape Cod Canal (Academy Drive), 3rd Company Circle, the Harrington Lot, in the ship’s crew area, side lot of Bresnahan Hall, Loop Rd, Facilities area, designated areas in the Gym lot, and the Mess Deck lot. 
  • Driving/parking behind the dormitory complex is strictly prohibited except for occasions where the chief or his designee has authorized a managed event.  
  • Student parking permits are valid only for the current academic year.  Unauthorized vehicles left in any parking lot will be towed at the owner’s expense. 
  • Summer session parking is available at no cost, however, students must obtain a temporary parking permit from the Public Safety office and must only park in the assigned area (includes nights and weekends). 
  • On occasion, due to unforeseen circumstances, a vehicle may need to be relocated by Campus Police.  In such a circumstance, a permit holder must comply with a request to relocate their vehicle or the vehicle may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Students may purchase one decal.  Students with multiple vehicles are expected to obtain a temporary parking pass as long as only one vehicle is on campus at a time.
  • Decals are registered to both the motor vehicle and the student purchasing the permit.  Students are prohibited from registering a permit for another student’s vehicle.
  • Designated “Public Parking” spaces are not for faculty, staff, or cadets.


Replacement Parking Sticker

Students requiring a replacement parking sticker will remove the original sticker or portions of the sticker from the windshield and return it to the Public Safety Office to avoid a replacement charge of $25.00.

Ticket Appeal Process

Students wishing to appeal a parking or driving violation issued by the MMA Public Safety Department have seven (7) days from the date of issue to do so.  An appeal must be in writing (not by email) and must include a copy of the original ticket and an explanation of how the ticket was written in error. 


Temporary Parking Pass

A temporary parking pass must be obtained from Campus Police prior to a permit holder driving an alternate vehicle to campus.  To obtain a temporary parking pass contact the on duty police officer at 508-726-0798.  Temporary passes may be issued 24/7.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and properly display a temporary parking pass.

Other Parking

Permitted vehicles may park along the canal on weekends and between the hours of 4pm- 7am Monday through Friday.  Vehicles with “Lot C” and “Lot A” permits may park in the gymnasium parking lot from 1600 on Friday until 1600 on Sunday.