Readmission Applicants

Students who were previously enrolled and are now requesting to return to Massachusetts Maritime Academy are required to submit a Readmission Application.  A complete application, including all required supporting documents and your application fee, must be received by:

  • Spring Term Readmit Deadline (or Sea Term): November 15th
  • Fall Term Readmit Deadline: May 15th

Apply now.  Please note, if you have previously applied to MMA online and already have an account, DO NOT create a new account.  If you are locked out, or have forgotten your password, please contact Admissions for assistance at or (800) 544-3411.

Students who left the Academy for any reason other than an official military or medical reasons will be subject to tuition and fees according to the Academy's current policy based on residency. Any student who has been unenrolled for longer than one semester must provide medical forms (including immunization records and proof of current medical insurance coverage) to Health Services and provide official transcripts of any coursework that was taken while away from the Academy.

Students seeking readmission may be required to appear before the appropriate board in order for the Academy to make a readmission determination. This is the first step of a two-step process. If approved by the board, the student is still subject to space availability. During any period of unenrollment, students are required to conduct themselves in conformance with the regulations and standards for the Regiment of Cadets. The student’s signature on the application for readmission confirms compliance. Any student returning after a period of more than a year is subject to the most recently published academic standards. If you are re-entering into a non-licensed program and wish to commute, a written request can be submitted with your application.