MMA participates in recycling across campus. MMA’s recycling program is a zero-sort program to aid in the collection of various paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, metal and glass.  The function of the zero-sort process is to collect all allowable recyclable items in one container.  The single container, zero-sort process saves on space, minimizes confusion of what and where to recycle, reduces costs, and maximizes the types of items to be recycled.

MMA provides dedicated dumpsters for recycling. These dumpsters are located behind the dormitory complex and adjacent to the power plant. Cadets and facilities staff coordinate the collection of recyclables and ensure proper placement into these dumpsters. Dumpsters are checked on a routine basis for contamination and extra duty assignments correct any deficiencies. These procedures help to ensure that recyclable materials meet the contractor's requirements.

MMA participates in the Recyclemania competition each year. 

Other recycling programs across campus include toner cartridges for copiers and printers, electronic waste, batteries, scrap metal, fluorescent lights, and food service organics.

What is recyclable?