Robert Krupa

In exploring college options, I ultimately chose to attend the Massachusetts Maritime Academy specifically because of the emergency management degree program. During my tenure as a cadet, I also gained experience outside of the classroom, which proved to be equally as valuable.  As a founding member of the MMA’s Emergency Medical Services, I was given a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the connection between healthcare and emergency management field. The ability to intern in the emergency management departments of top tier Massachusetts hospitals further immersed me in the unique characteristics and challenges involved in preparing hospitals and healthcare systems. As a training rate on Sea Term 2014, I was able to gain a great deal of training experience that has proved invaluable in the emergency management field.

cadets in front of ambulance

 In my current role as a project manager in Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Disaster Medicine, I oversee elements of the hospital’s emergency management program throughout all stages of the EM cycle. Whether training the hospital’s Hazardous Materials and Biothreats Response Teams, designing protocols, planning exercises for clients (Boston to overseas) or working alongside hospital leaders to maintain patient safety during response to actual incidents, I am able to apply what I learned at MMA on a daily basis. Such an education prepared me to provide the hospital’s readiness for disasters and emergency situations.