Science & Mathematics

It is the mission of the Science and Mathematics Department at Massachusetts Maritime Academy to provide a college-level education in the natural sciences and mathematics that fulfills the General Education requirements in these fields. It is the further mission of the department to support the Academy’s major and minor degree programs and concentration offerings, and to offer elective courses in the natural sciences, mathematics, and related areas. To support this mission, faculty members in the Science and Mathematics Department engage in community and professional activities which maintain a tradition of service to the community and the Academy

The Science and Mathematics Department at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy plays an essential role in meeting the Academy’s mission and core competency requirements by developing students’ analytical skills, critical thinking skills, and scientific and technological literacy through a variety of courses in mathematics and the natural sciences. Faculty members participate in the governance of the Academy by serving on the various governance committees. Faculty members also serve in roles that contribute to student retention, such as tutoring in the Learning Resource Center and serving as Athletic Liaisons to sports teams. All faculty members serve as academic advisors. While most faculty members advise freshmen, some faculty members have taken on the responsibility of advising students in Engineering, Marine Safety and Environmental Protection and Emergency Management.