Sea, Science and Leadership Program (SSLP)

SSLP LogoSSLP is no longer an in-person overnight camp, but a virtual event. This decision was made with caution regarding the current Covid-19 situation.

Registration for the in-person Sea, Science, and Leadership Program 2020 has been closed. SSLP is now a virtual event spanning over four days in July. More information will be posted on this webpage and on our Instagram @massmaritimesslp and Twitter @mma_sslp.

The mission of the Sea, Science and Leadership Program (SSLP) at Massachusetts Maritime Academy is to provide high school students with interactive, educational workshops that build confidence, challenge decision-making skills that develop and strengthen leadership qualities. SSLP will immerse participants in the educational and regimental lifestyle of a cadet through hands-on workshops that include the use of ship-handling simulators, small boats, an emergency management control room, engineering labs, and the 540 ft. T.S. Kennedy (pending availability). SSLP will prepare participants for the college admissions process, build lifelong friendships, and educate participants on the career opportunities that Massachusetts Maritime Academy offers. 

Register Now!

Create an new account, or log in, by clicking the button above. To sign up for SSLP virtual events click the 'Events" tab. Registration will be open until midnight the day before each session, however, for “Knot Your Average Campus” the registration deadline is July 3rd due to having to mail supplies.

Sessions Offered:
  • The Evolution of Emergency Management
    • This class will address how Emergency Management has changed over the years and we will discuss how modern technology has been implemented over time.
  • The Uniform
    • This class will demonstrate how to put a uniform together correctly, all the different pieces that go into each uniform, and how to properly take care of the uniform.
  • Uninvited Dinner Guests: Meet and Greet with the Marine Invasive Species of Massachusetts
    • This course will familiarize you with marine invasive species of Massachusetts. It will provide a general background of the threats posed by marine invasive species to native ecosystems, a brief training on how to identify them, and an overview of the newest scientific research about them. The course will conclude with a Q&A by Dr. Kristin Osborne (Assistant Professor in the Marine Science, Safety, and Environmental Protection department) who studies invasive "sea squirts" and their combined impacts with marine pollution on native species of New England.
  • Knot Your Average Campus
    • This class will explore the role of our ship, the T.S. Kennedy, plays on campus and we will conduct a knot tying lesson.
  • Etiquette and Traditions
    • This class will simulate the Etiquette Dinner, a traditional SSLP session, as well as go over different traditions held on campus.​
Passport Challenge
Each student will have a virtual passport that will be provided closer to the start of the event. For each session, students can fill out the respective pages for the event and it will be "stamped". If every session is attended, students will receive Mass Maritime swag and an application fee waiver code.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Sea, Science and Leadership Program is an all inclusive environment and will not tolerate any acts of aggression, discrimination, or harassment towards participants, instructors, or staff.  Participants and their parents/guardians will be required to read and sign a code of conduct in order to take part in the program. This camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health. Our background check, health care, discipline policies, and grievance procedures are available to parents/guardians of campers upon request.