Security Awareness Training

Advances in information technology have changed our daily lives in many ways.  Along with these advances, however, may come threats to the Academy which could result in a data breach or the loss of an information technology based service.  Many of our faculty and staff members use computers to manage, share and store a wide range of information every day.  With access to information that is often personal and confidential, it is important for our staff members to know how to protect this information.  Keeping the Academy safe becomes the responsibility of all members of the Academy community.

What is the purpose of this training?

The purpose of security awareness training is to increase understanding of the threats and vulnerabilities to our information technology based systems.  It will also provide staff members with the knowledge they need to recognize and, in many cases, stop a threat from happening. 

Who needs to complete this training?

All staff and faculty members will be required to complete security awareness training annually.  The training program used for this purpose is called “Securing the Human” and it consists of various online modules covering a variety of topics.  Each semester an email will be sent to staff and faculty letting them know that training modules have been assigned to them.   

View our complete policy on security awareness training