Self Certification for Private Loans

Students who are borrowing through any private, non-federal education loan program are required to complete a Self-Certification Form prior to receiving this type of loan.

The Self Certification Form is a requirement to make sure that students understand exactly how much they are borrowing through private, often, higher interest rate/fee loans, and whether or not they need to borrow as much as they think.

Self Certification Form

Most private loan lenders will provide you with this form, but in case you did not receive one, you can use our form.

To complete section 2 you must know your Cost of Attendance and your Estimated Financial Aid for the year.  Please keep in mind that the Cost of Attendance includes some items that are not part of your bill, so you may not really need a loan to cover every item in the Cost of Attendance.  Review the COA carefully to determine exactly which items you want to include on the Self Certification Form.

You can obtain your financial aid award information through the Self Service Portal by following the Financial Aid link.